Best Robot Vacuum Cleaner in India Faq's

How do robot vacuum cleaners work?

Robot vacuum cleaners use sensors and algorithms to navigate and clean floors autonomously. They detect obstacles, map the area, and follow a systematic cleaning pattern. Some models even have mopping capabilities.

Are robot vacuum cleaners effective on different floor types?

Yes, most robot vacuums work well on various floor types, including hardwood, tile, and carpet. However, some models may perform better on specific surfaces due to their suction power and brush design.

How long does the battery last on a robot vacuum cleaner?

Battery life varies by model. Entry-level models may run for around 60-90 minutes, while high-end ones can last up to 200 minutes. Consider your home size and cleaning needs when choosing a vacuum with an appropriate runtime.

Can robot vacuums clean corners and edges effectively?

Most robot vacuums have side brushes that help clean edges and corners. However, some may struggle with tight spaces. Look for models with edge detection and corner-cleaning features.

How do robot vacuums avoid falling down stairs?

Robot vacuums use cliff sensors to detect drops or stairs. They adjust their path to avoid falling. However, it’s a good idea to clear clutter and block off areas with steep drops.

Can I schedule cleaning times for my robot vacuum?

Yes, most robot vacuums allow you to set schedules. You can program them to clean at specific times or days, even when you’re not at home.