Best Vacuum Cleaners for Home in India

Best Vacuum Cleaners for Home in India

In the fast-paced world that we live in today, a clean and inviting home provides a sanctuary from the chaos of daily life. Investing in an excellent vacuum cleaner can help you maintain a clean living space which is vital for aesthetics and overall physical and mental well-being. However, to select the best vacuum cleaner for your home, it is important that you become familiar with popular vacuum cleaner technology and also have a sound understanding of your specific cleaning needs.

So, before we get to our list of top vacuum cleaners in India, here’s a quick rundown of the basics.

What are the popular types of vacuum cleaners in India?

To begin with, you should know about different types of vacuum cleaners.

  • Canister vacuum cleaners - Canister vacuum cleaners are most popular in India. These heavy-duty vacuum cleaners generally offer amazing value and durability. Most canister vacuum cleaners can also double as a blower for removing settled dust. The ease of mobility will depend on the shape and size of the canister. Storing them after cleaning usually requires substantial space.
  • Stick vacuum cleaners -Stick vacuum cleaners are light and portable. They are mostly cordless and allow you to clean difficult-to-reach surfaces with ease. On the downside, you have to manage with available battery life and suction typically isn’t as powerful as wired options.
  • Handheld vacuum cleaners -Handheld vacuums are meant for light cleaning. They are extremely easy to operate and can be great for targeted cleaning of items like bed mattresses, sofa cushions and car seats.
  • Robotic vacuum cleaners -Robotic vacuum cleaners offer amazing convenience and smart connectivity. After mapping a home, they can do dry or wet cleaning and require minimal effort on the user's part. They are good for basic floor cleaning and are generally more expensive than regular vacuum cleaners.
  • Upright vacuum cleaners -Upright vacuum cleaners are not very popular in India. They offer powerful suction and don’t require users to bend to clean carpets and floors. They are also easier to store than canister vacuum cleaners.

Things you should keep in mind while buying a vacuum cleaner

  • Budget and cleaning needs - First and foremost, you need to decide your budget and how frequently you will be using your vacuum cleaner. In the context of most Indian homes, we think vacuum cleaners are great for deep cleaning, but can’t exactly replace the desi broom and wet mop treatment when it comes to daily cleaning.
  • Size -It is important to pick a size that you can easily manoeuvre. Large-size vacuum cleaners have a bigger bin and thus require fewer interruptions while cleaning.
  • Suction power -Suction power is one of the most important parameters in determining the cleaning ability and is usually measured in Pa, KPA or air watts. Vacuum cleaner design, types of brush and filter quality are other important parameters that determine cleaning efficiency.
  • Wet/ Dry -Wet and Dry vacuum cleaners can suck both dry and wet debris. They have water-resistant components and can be used for cleaning liquid spills. They are also more effective for cleaning in humid regions.
  • Bag or bagless -Most modern vacuum cleaners offer a bagless design. Some canister vacuum cleaners have bags for holding collected dust. These bags are easier to dispose of but require frequent changing. Some vacuum cleaners have cloth bags that can be washed and reused several times.
  • Cordless or wired -Wired vacuum cleaners can’t be moved around the house as freely but you don’t have to worry about charging them. Battery-powered options offer easy portability and more flexibility at the expense of limited cleaning time.
  • Accessories -More accessories can make your vacuum cleaner versatile. Based on your needs you can look for upholstery cleaning attachments, pet hair removal tools, crevice cleaning tools, or different dusting brushes. The quality and design of accessories also matter.
  • Noise level -Noise level becomes especially crucial when purchasing a cleaner for a professional setting. Most heavy-duty vacuum cleaners are quite noisy.
  • HEPA filter -Vacuum cleaners with a HEPA filter can trap particles as small as 0.3 microns, which makes them valuable for people with dust allergies.

Best Vacuum cleaners for your home

Now that we have covered the basics, let's proceed to our list of some of the best available options.

  • 1.

Great Value
The Inalsa Micro WD10 is one of the best budget vacuum cleaners in India that supports both wet and dry cleaning. It also comes with a blower function for added versatility. Multiple attachments such as a dry/wet brush can be used to clean smooth surfaces. It also comes with a floor-cum-carpet cleaning brush and a round nozzle that can be used for small spaces and soft surfaces.

  • 2.
Type : Wet & Dry Cleaner
Motor Power: 1400
Suction Power: 1400

Large bin capacity
The Eureka Forbes Ultimo P is a powerful wet and dry vacuum cleaner equipped with a 1400-watt motor to ensure efficient cleaning across a variety of surfaces. Its versatile design allows it to be used on various surfaces including tiles, wooden floors, rugs, carpets, sofas, fabric, and upholstery. The large 20-litre storage capacity should enable uninterrupted cleaning sessions, as you won’t need to frequently empty the dust tank. The powerful blower can help effectively remove settled dust from hard-to-reach areas such as window channels and sofa corners.

  • 3.
Type : Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

Convenient use
Dyson is a renowned brand when it comes to premium vacuum cleaners. This Dyson vacuum cleaner offers powerful suction and a convenient cordless operation. Since it is now a few generations old, it is also available at a great value price. It comes with several mini-motorized tools that have been thoughtfully designed to suck up all the dirt in its bin. You can later eject all the dirt from the bin by just pushing a button.

  • 4.

Reusable cloth bag
This wet and dry vacuum cleaner offers 21.5 kPa suction power and a large 21-litre bin capacity. The 360-degree swivel wheels at the bottom ensure that it easily glides along in any direction you need it to. Apart from powerful suction, you can also use it as a powerful blower. It also comes with all the attachments you need to get started with your cleaning.

  • 5.

Powerful suction
This vacuum cleaner packs a 1900W motor that offer plenty of power. It features the PowerCyclone 5 technology to accelerate the airflow in the cylindrical chamber to separate dust from the air. This helps maintain high performance and strong suction power for longer. Its MultiClean nozzle is specifically designed to function on different types of floors. The included rotating turbo brush attachment can be highly effective in removing pet hair and fluff, and cleaning carpets efficiently.

  • 6.

For convenient floor cleaning
This Xiaomi Mop 2i robotic vacuum cleaner is ideal for homes where the occupants may not have the time or energy to clean the floor on a regular basis. It comes with 2200 pa suction power, and 25-high precision sensors to ensure fast speed, long scanning range, and effective real-time mapping. Users can also control the various functions of the device via an app or using smart assistants like Google Assistant and Alexa. It can be used for both dusting and mopping and also has an electronically controlled water tank.

  • 7.

Popular choice
This Eureka Forbes Vacuum Cleaner stands out as a popular and budget-friendly option. With its powerful 1200W motor, it ensures efficient suction that effortlessly tackles dust and debris. The inclusion of a dust full indicator eliminates the guesswork by notifying users exactly when it’s time to empty the dust container. The three swivel wheels make it easy to navigate the cleaner around furniture and tight spaces. The convenience of the auto cord winder adds to its user-friendly design.

  • 8.

Great for moderate cleaning needs
This budget-friendly vacuum cleaner comes with a powerful 1000W motor and precision blower function. Its capacious 10-litre dust collection container will help you clean uninterrupted for longer, while the long 6-meter cord and 360-degree swivel wheel should ensure agile movement around obstacles. The blower feature can help dislodge dust from stubborn surfaces, such as the insides of your PC cabinet.

  • 9.

Extremely portable
AGARO Regal Hand-held Vacuum Cleaner is not the most powerful cleaner but it offers a practical cleaning solution with its compact size and portability. Crafted with ABS materials, this vacuum cleaner is lightweight, allowing you to carry it effortlessly wherever needed. Its mobility also makes it a valuable asset for effectively cleaning the interiors of your car.

  • 10.

Also Consider
Realme TechLife RMH2101 Robotic Floor Cleaner offers 2-in-1 sweeping and mopping abilities and comes with Google Assistant and Alexa support. It manages to pack some pretty cool features like auto recharge and Y-shape mopping. This cleaner includes LiDAR smart mapping and comes with 38 high-precision sensors for efficient navigation. The cleaner has a 5200mAh battery, a 600ml dust box, and a 300ml electronic water tank.

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Best Vacuum Cleaners for Home in India Faq's

How does an upright vacuum cleaner work?

Upright vacuum cleaners use a motorized brush and suction to remove dirt and debris from carpets and floors. They are known for their powerful cleaning capabilities.

Can vacuum cleaners be used on both carpets and hard floors?

Many vacuum cleaners come with adjustable settings or brush roll controls that allow them to be used on both carpets and hard floors. Check the product specifications to ensure compatibility.

What is a HEPA filter, and why is it important in a vacuum cleaner?

HEPA (High-Efficiency Particulate Air) filters are designed to trap small particles and allergens, making the air cleaner. Vacuum cleaners with HEPA filters are excellent for allergy sufferers and those concerned about air quality.

How often should I change the vacuum cleaner bag or empty the dustbin?

The frequency of bag replacement or dustbin emptying depends on the vacuum cleaner's capacity and how much you vacuum. As a general guideline, it's recommended to empty the dustbin or change the bag when it's about two-thirds full.

Do vacuum cleaners require regular maintenance?

Yes, vacuum cleaners should be regularly maintained. This includes cleaning or replacing filters, checking for blockages in hoses and brushes, and cleaning the brush rolls. Refer to the manufacturer's instructions for specific maintenance guidelines.

Can I use a vacuum cleaner to clean pet hair?

Yes, many vacuum cleaners are designed to effectively remove pet hair from carpets, upholstery, and floors. Look for models with pet-specific features like specialized brush rolls or attachments.

Are cordless vacuum cleaners as powerful as corded ones?

Cordless vacuum cleaners have improved in power over the years, but corded models generally provide consistent and stronger suction. However, cordless vacuums offer greater convenience and mobility.

What is the average lifespan of a vacuum cleaner?

The lifespan of a vacuum cleaner varies depending on its quality and usage. On average, a well-maintained vacuum cleaner can last anywhere from 5 to 10 years.

Can I vacuum wet spills with a regular vacuum cleaner?

No, most standard vacuum cleaners are not designed to handle wet spills. Attempting to vacuum liquids can damage the motor and electrical components. For wet spills, use a wet/dry vacuum specifically designed for the task.