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    Steelseries Siberia Neckbandflipkart_sm9819

    Steelseries Siberia Neckband Review

    By Team Digit | 19 Mar 2019
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    Steelseries Siberia Neckband: Detailed Review

    Pain In The Neck

    The Siberia Neckband is a product from Steelseries for the professional gamer, or so it seems. Steelseries has played an active role in the professional gaming arena and tied up with clans and communities.

    If you think wearing a headphone with a stretchable strap that attaches to the back of your head is comfortable, you’re wrong. Sure, for people with smaller heads, it should work fine, but anyone with a larger head will find it too tight or hanging from the top of your ears. You’ll also notice that they start slipping back from the back of your head and adjusting it from time to time can be irritating.

    The sound quality of the Siberia isn’t too shabby. It lacks the extreme low bass, so isn’t ideal for music or movies. For gaming, it should do fine. These phones do not distort or lose quality at high volumes, and the volume can get pretty high. These are open headphones and as they don’t hug the side of your face properly, a lot of the sound leaks out.

    There’s a flexible microphone that retracts into the headphone too. It performs pretty good quality audio recording. There’s an adapter for the Xbox360 supplied with it and a volume control too. The headphones are built well and the look is appealing.

    Good audio recording quality and an easily adjustable microphone are the good points of the Siberia Neckband but even then, a price of Rs 5,999 is a lot to ask for. There are much cheaper solutions without the Steelseries tag and slightly inferior, which do a better job without any of the discomfort.

    Performance : 4
    Features : 4
    Build quality : 4
    Value for Money : 2.5
    Overall : 3.5


    Headphone: Frequency response: 18—28,000 Hz, Impedance: 40 Hz, Microphone: Frequency response: 80—15,000 Hz

    Contact : Vstreet Netserve Pvt. Ltd.
    Phone : 079-40020127
    E-mail :
    Web site :
    Price : Rs 5,999


    Team Digit
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