SoundMAGIC E10M Review Review : Worth considering if you’re willing to “handle with care”

SoundMAGIC E10M Review Review : Worth considering if you’re willing to “handle with care”

The E10M is a great IEM for the price point. It competes with its close sibling, the E10S, quite fiercely. The E10S is slightly better built and has a signature that is a little warmer. Both are good substitutes of each other and you can go for whichever is cheaper. You get crystal clear reproduction of the higher frequency ranges and great bass.

The mic works well and its presence on this “M” version earns it more points in the features department. Coming back to other aspects of the audio performance the stereo separation is quite good on the E10M. Perhaps the one and only flaw is that vocals don’t remain true to source in some cases. For some of our test tracks, while the instrumentation was rendered well, the vocals weren’t. This was most apparent on Chris Rea’s Call On Me – the husky overtones were subdued and on Santana’s rendition of While My Guitar Gently Weeps, India Arie’s vocals were slightly flat. But overall these take away little from the overall experience. At the price point the E10M is certainly worth considering.


Driver size:10mm
Frequency range:15Hz-22Khz
Sensitivity:100+/-2db at 1khz/mW
Microphone frequency range: 20Hz-16KHz
Cable length:1.2m


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Siddharth Parwatay

Siddharth Parwatay

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