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    Sennheiser RS130flipkart_sm23858

    Sennheiser RS130 Review

    By Team Digit | 25 Dec 2018
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    Sennheiser RS130: Detailed Review

    Good. Very Good.

    Wireless is generally a strict no-no for audiophiles. Enter the RS130, aimed at making believers out of the aurally-discerning that wireless headphones can indeed deliver the goods. Turns out they’re not audiophile-grade, but they’re good—much better than you’d expect wireless headphones to be. The major problem with all wireless headphones is interference, and the fact that air isn’t as good (gross understatement!) a medium to transfer disturbance-free sound waves as compared to, say, 99.9% oxygen-free copper cables!

    The RS130 comprises a transmitter unit with an AC power adapter, and the circumaural-type headphones that feel very light (280 gm) despite the rechargeable AAA NiMH batteries inbuilt. Surround sound is a switch away; the RS130 employs additional circuitry for this. Sennheiser has also touted “Self Learning Volume Controller,” a newfangled name for automatic volume levelling. We must say it works reasonably well here.

    The headphones themselves are extremely comfortable on the outer ear—no stress or pressure even after five hours of continuous use for this reviewer. This is partially due to the ear-cup design and the extremely soft padding. These are open cans (others will hear the sound too).

    The RS130 has an impressive soundstage for a wireless set. Audiophile cans these are not, like we said, yet they impressed us with clarity and depth in almost every genre of music. You’ll find low bass a little lacking in grunt, and mid-range seems a little muted, especially vocals. Still, this set downs every other wireless set we’ve tested in the past couple of years, and manages to give some of the good wired ones out there a run for their money.

    Coming to the personal aspect, these cans are huge, and while they offer a superb range of around 16 metres—with obstacles including walls—we don’t really see anyone walking around with them. Still, if wired is a no-no for you, give the RS130 a look—if you can handle the steep price: Rs 10,900. Remember we’re talking about the best wireless set we’ve tested in years—and the brand image itself will do a little to massage your ego after the liquidity plunge! But do remember that if you’re OK with a cord, you’ll find something acoustically similar at half the price.


    Circumaural; frequency range 18 Hz ~ 21 kHz; wireless RF receiver; surround sound mode; 3 RF channels

    Performance  :  3.5
    Features : 4
    Build Quality : 4
    Value for Money : 3
    Overall : 3.5

    Contact : Sennheiser Electronic India Pvt Ltd.
    Phone : 0124-4187816
    E-mail :
    Web site :
    Price : Rs 10,900



    Team Digit
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