Leadtek WinFast DTV1800 H Review

Two Thumbs Up

The WinFast DTV1800 H is a hybrid PCI TV Tuner capable of receiving analogue as well as terrestrial digital (DVB-T) transmissions, which are currently available only in a few metros. The Conexant CX23880-39 Zarlink 10353 chipset enables it to decode stereo audio. The audio cable connects internally to the PC-audio solutions, so no more looping cables collecting cobwebs at the back of your PC.

The front-end is provided by the excellent WinFast PVR2 that features Scheduling and TimeShifting, as well as recording in WMV, Transport Stream, as well as MPEG-1/2 (and no additional activation or purchase is required for its use). It remains perched quietly in the system tray and springs into action when launched using the icon or the full-function remote. The PVR2 even lets you use two TV-Tuners simultaneously, so you can either watch two TV channels, watch one and record the other, or watch TV and use the second TV-Tuner for surveillance.

It detects even the weakest of cable TV and FM radio channels. Video as well as audio quality is top-notch. You can force the aspect ratio to either 4:3 or 16:9—a delight for wide-screen users.

To sum it up, the WinFast DTV1800 H gives you the best of both worlds, and we give it a double thumbs-up—no complaints.


Performance : 4.5
Features : 4.5
Ease of use : 4.5
Value for money : 4
Overall : 4.5

Chipset: Conexant 23880-39 Zarlink 10353; Tuner: Xceive 3018 TV/FM Stereo; TV reception: Analogue, DVB-T; Video standards: PAL, NTSC, SECAM; Software: WinFast PVR2; Video capture formats: WMV, MPEG-1/2, Transport Stream; Remote control; Input ports: Coaxial, S-Video

Contact : TopNotch Infotronix
Phone : 91-44-26616201
E-mail : enquiry@zebronics.info
Web site : www.leadtek.com
Price : Rs 3,900


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