Genius iTempo 800CD Review

Genius iTempo 800CD Review

Team Digit   |  01 Feb 2008
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Genius iTempo 800CD detailed review

A Costly iPod Dock That Fails To Impress

Genius’ iTempo 800CD is a product aimed at iPod users, but it does a lot more than just playing music from your ‘pod. There is an SD / MMC slot and space for a USB drive as well, so you don’t have to own an iPod to use this. Dump some music on your USB drive or pop in a CD, plug it in, and you’re ready to go. It’s also an AM / FM radio receiver. The slot-loading optical disc reader only reads CDs, though. The drive has no foam padding to prevent dust from getting into the player, and the mechanism that pulls the disc in is a little crude.

For a product that will end up in people’s living rooms, the iTempo is not exactly attractive. The body is heavy and sturdy, but has a plasticky feel. The blue backlit screen on the front looks decent, and the panel surrounding it has a glossy finish. The quality of buttons and volume dial is poor, and the mesh on the speakers looks cheap.

The remote control has the same set of buttons as on the player, and it resembles remotes that came with some early CD ROM drive kits—thin, light and very clunky buttons.

Sound quality isn’t impressive. The speakers are a total of 20 W RMS, which isn’t a lot, but adequate for the size. You can use the auxiliary out to connect to better speakers. There are a few equaliser settings, and the only manual changes you can make are to the amount of bass and treble. The menus and the working of the iTempo 800CD need some time getting used to.

We aren’t impressed by this product, especially since it retails at Rs 13,500. It’s an average performer and doesn’t make a great fashion accessory for your living room either.

Feature : 3
Performance : 3
Build Quality : 3.5
Value for Money : 3
Overall : 3


2.1 Speakers, 20W RMS, AM / FM Radio Tuner, SD/MMC and USB supported, Antenna and remote control supplied.

Contact : KYE Systems Corp 
Phone : 011-41580611   
E-mail : sales_india@geniusnet.
Web site :
Price : Rs 13,500


Genius iTempo 800CD Key Specs, Price and Launch Date

Price: ₹13500
Release Date: 01 Feb 2008
Market Status: Launched

Key Specs

  • Playback Time Playback Time
  • Frequency Range Frequency Range
  • Channels Channels
  • Dimensions Dimensions
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