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Portronics Yogg HR fitness tracker with heart rate monitor launched at Rs 2,999

By Press Release | Published on 13 Feb 2018
  • The fitness tracker comes with features like distance tracking, step counts and KCals burnt during the day. It is also waterproof and can be charged via a micro-USB cable.

Portronics Yogg HR fitness tracker with heart rate monitor launched at Rs 2,999

Portronics has launched its latest Yogg HR fitness tracker priced at Rs 2,999. The device can track heart rate, activity levels and also supports sleep quality monitoring. It comes with inbult 3 axis accelerometer sensor and is also rated IP67 waterproof. The Yogg HR can also notify users of calls, texts, emails and more, and it can be synced with the Yogg HR app for synchronisation of daily data. The device features activity tracking like monitoring distance (in km), the number of steps and Kilo Calories burnt in a day. A user can also take pictures on their paired smartphone using the Yogg HR's screen, however, it needs to be in the range of 10 meter. The device can be purchased both online and offline.

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Portronics has added the latest fitness tracker with Heart rate monitoring feature in its wellness wearable series by launching “Yogg HR”. As the well known saying goes, “What gets measured gets done.” With Yogg HR, you can track your heart rate and activity levels to improve your fitness and lead a healthy life. The smart features, elegant colour touch Screen and Rugged construction makes Yogg HR a perfect gift for your loved ones.

You can easily enter the Heart Rate Monitoring mode all the time or whenever you want to measure it. With its inbuilt 3-axis accelerometer sensor, Yogg HR screen lights up as soon as you lift your arm to see the screen. You can also “rotate the screen” depending on your choice of orientation of smart band. It weighs only 25 grams and the material quality is very comfortable and skin friendly.

 Elegant touch-enabled colour screen of Yogg HR goes well with both formal and casual attire. You can set daily goals for steps to be taken, calories to be burnt, distances to be covered, and sleep time. You’ll be notified on screen when each of the Goals is achieved for the day. Daily data can be synchronized with your Smartphone using Yogg HR App. 

Come Rain or Wind, the unique water proof design (IP67) ensures that Yogg HR works out with you even in harsh weather conditions, without any glitch. Notification of incoming calls, WhatsApp messages, SMS, Emails, Missed calls and Phone numbers can be easily accessible on the screen of Yogg HR. You can switch on the sleep mode of device and measure how well you slept; set, pause, reset the timer to measure time lapsed for any activity. Yogg HR acts as a normal digital watch where you can sync the date and time with your paired mobile phone. 

Yogg HR also features activity tracking like monitoring distance (in km), number of steps, and Kilo Calories burnt during the day. To relax your busy brain, you can set up to six daily reminders and Yogg HR will vibrate when the time comes. You can tap to dismiss/acknowledge it, else it’ll reappear in 2 minutes. Weather conditions can also be checked on Yogg HR .You can also click pictures on your paired smartphone from Yogg HR screen as long as it’s in 10 meter (Bluetooth range). Every night just before sleeping put Yogg HR in Sleep Mode. It will dutifully monitor your sleeping pattern and display it the next day. This way, you can experiment with your pre-sleep evening habits like impact of type of food, reading, watching TV etc on quality of sleep.                                            

Connectivity & Charging Options:

  • Connect Yogg HR with your smartphones (with Bluetooth BLE) using “Yogg HR” app available on Appstore (iPhone 4s and above) and Playstore (Android 4.4 +). Yogg HR uses Bluetooth 4.0 for most efficient energy conservation and longer period charging.
  • Charging Yogg HR is very easy. Just put the dial on the charging pod and use micro-USB cable to charge it. Using the charging cradle, you can easily charge the inbuilt 55mAh battery. Once fully charged, it can remain charged up to four days (depending on how often you track your heart rate, as HR consumes more power).

Smart Features and Benefits:

  • Heart Rate Monitoring 
  • Detachable Dial
  • Feather Touch
  • Water Resistant
  • Notification Support
  • Sleep Quality Monitoring
  • Activity Tracking
  • Super Connectivity and Easy Charging

Pricing and Availability:

The Yogg HR is priced at a very striking price-point of INR 2,999/-. Gift it to yourself and your loved ones for improving fitness levels. You can buy from online or offline stores. For additional information please visit, here to buy.

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