Microsoft patent shows wearable device with movable actuators targeted at Parkinson’s patients

By Digit NewsDesk | Published on 16 Dec 2018
  • The Microsoft patent also reveals that the said wearable device could function for an entire day on a single charge.

Microsoft patent shows wearable device with movable actuators targeted at Parkinson’s patients

Microsoft has just been granted a patent titled "WEARABLE DEVICE" which was first filed for by the company in June 2017. The patent shows and describes a wearable device with an array of movable actuators around it. The combination of actuators and sensors on the device could be used to control or stabilise involuntary limb or joint movements that are typical of diseases like Parkinson’s.

Further, the patent published by USPTO reveals that the wearable device will feature a battery that will help the device function for a full day on a single charge. “Haptic stimulation systems apply forces or vibrations to stimulate a user’s sense of touch. Touch-screen devices may use haptic feedback to indicate key presses to a user; games controllers may use haptic feedback to increase video game immersion (e.g. by vibrating in response to a collision or explosion within a video game) and smart watches may use haptic feedback to provide silent alerts to the wearer,” Microsoft noted in its patent.

The patent application further notes, “Described herein is a wearable device which uses haptic actuation for therapeutic stimulation and in various examples, the wearable device may be word close to a joint and used to affect (eg reduce or stabilize) involuntary movement of the joint or limb. The wearable device described herein may be used to alleviate some symptoms of a condition which affects motion or control of the limbs and one example is Parkinson’s disease.”

Every year, tech companies file multiple hardware patents, not all of which result into actual products. We are not sure if Microsoft will ever launch this wearable since the last one it did was back in 2015, after which the company has mostly been silent on this front.

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