Microsoft may block Windows updates to Huawei laptops

By Digit NewsDesk | Updated 21 May 2019
Microsoft may block Windows updates to Huawei laptops
  • ​Microsoft may not roll out Windows updates to Huawei laptops.
  • Microsoft has refused to share details on this development
  • Google has already pulled the Android OS support from all future Huawei and Honor devices.

The US government and Huawei are at loggerheads since long now. On one hand, the US has charged Huawei of bank fraud and snooping using its phones. On the other hand, the Chinese company has already sued the government for a ban on the sale of its products. The tension has now trickled down to the customers and just after Google reportedly decided to cut Huawei’s Android license, a media report has claimed that Microsoft may also follow the search engine giant’s footsteps and block Windows updates to Huawei laptops.


According to TechRadar, Microsoft has refused to deny the fact that it would prevent Huawei laptops from installing important Windows 10 updates. “We have nothing to share,” Microsoft told the tech news website. Of course, it doesn’t mean that Microsoft will block the Windows updates to Huawei laptops, but if it does, it will likely be due to the pressure from the US government.   

How will it affect the end-consumers? The updates for any OS not only bolster the security of the machine, but they also bring new features and fixes for known issues. Not being able to update your Huawei laptop with the latest updates for Windows 10 will leave the machine vulnerable to new and sophisticated threats.

There are also reports which say that other hardware manufacturers, including Intel, Broadcom and Qualcomm have joined these tech giants to not to supply products to Huawei. The ripples of the ban were also seen in Europe. According to Reuters, shares of three European chipmakers - Infineon Technologies, AMS and STMicroelectronics - fell sharply after reports suggested that some companies already had, or were about to, halt shipments to Huawei.

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