Lost your Aadhaar Card? 3 easy methods to recover it instantly

Lost your Aadhaar Card? 3 easy methods to recover it instantly

Get your duplicate Aadhar Card on your own using the UIDAI service portal

Visit the Aadhar Enrolment Centre and fill the form to retrieve your Aadhar Card

UIDAI Helpline numbers- 1800-180-1947 (toll-free) or 011-1947 (local)

Aadhaar is the world's largest biometric identification system which helps Indian residents to prove their identity offline and online without always carrying around every document for proof. This identity card with a 12-digit unique ID number helps with e-governance, citizen services, banking, trading and other important activities without any hassle. 

But what if some day you realise that your Aadhaar card is nowhere to be found and you lost it? Nothing to worry, there is a solution to retrieve a duplicate of the card. In fact, there are three ways you can retrieve it:

1) From the UIDAI self service portal
2) UIDAI helpline
3) Aadhaar enrolment centre

Let's have a look at the necessary steps to be taken in each of these three methods. 

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Retrieve Aadhaar Card from UIDAI self service portal

– Open the UIDAI Self Service portal on your web browser
– Select the option of retrieving your Aadhaar Card
– Enter the details that have been asked for, like your Full name, registered mobile number and email address
– Then there will be a security code on the screen, enter that and request for OTP
– The OTP will come to your registered mobile number or email id, you can request accordingly.
– Once you enter the OTP, it'll get verified, you will receive the enrollment number or the Aadhaar number on the registered contact details entered earlier. 
– Now, go to the UIDAI Self Service Portal and click on Download Aadhar Card option 
– Then, enter your Aadhaar number, full name, pincode and the captcha. 
– Again request for the OTP. Once verified, you can easily download a copy of your Aadhar card.

Retrieve Aadhaar Card from UIDAI Helpline

– Contact the UIDAI on their helpline numbers- 1800-180-1947 (toll-free) or 011-1947 (local) between 7:00 AM to 10:00 PM, any day of the week. After calling you need to follow the upcoming steps- 
– After calling follow the IVR instructions and make the correct choices
– Provide all the other details that they require
– Then you will be able to retrieve your Aadhar number, after which you can either visit the UIDAI self service portal for Aadhaar Enrolment Centre and collect it from there.

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Retrieve Aadhaar Card from Aadhaar Enrolment Centre

Visit your nearest Aadhaar Enrolment Centre and get an Aadhar correction form and fill it up and provide your biometrics (fingerprints and iris scan), and a copy of any ID proof. After that pay the fee if there’s any  and then submit the form. After that you will soon receive your aadhar card.

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