Best garment steamers to use with delicate fabrics

Best garment steamers to use with delicate fabrics

Each of us has some clothes which are more precious than others, and for a good reason. Perhaps they cost a lot more or are made of delicate materials, and you don’t want to ruin them. A garment steamer helps take care of delicate clothes. You can simply steam these clothes to get rid of smell, bacteria, and wrinkles. A garment steamer is a must-have for those with many delicate or expensive clothes. So, here are some garment steamers available on Amazon which will help you take better care of your favourite clothes with delicate fabrics. 

Philips EasyTouch Plus Garment Steamer GC523/60

Here is a garment steamer with a stand and a water compartment, making it a complete package. It enables easy crease and wrinkle removal, especially on clothes made of silk or even blazers and coats. There are 5 levels of steam that you can use depending on the type of fabric. It helps kill bacteria, de-wrinkles even intricately designed ethnic or formal wear and supports continuous steam delivery of up to 32g/min. The steamer is ideal for use on many fabrics like heavily embroidered garments, versatile designer wear, occasion-wear, heavily layered or pleated attires, and also men’s jackets or kurtas. Overall, it helps avoid burn marks and roughness, which comes along with ironing clothes over the years. 

Usha Techne Direct 1000-Watt Garment Steamer

Here is a handheld garment steamer that is great for small clothes too. It has a powerful steam output of 21 grams per minute, which is quite good for removing creases and wrinkles on tough fabrics, as well as treating delicate fabrics with care. The steam is vertically propelled forward, which enables easy removal of wrinkles. It comes with a lint removal brush attachment. The brush is made of soft fabric so as not to damage your clothes. This steamer can be used to clean blazers with extra efficiency. For extra safety, it has an overheat shutoff, which activates when temperatures exceed normal. For a handheld garment steamer, this one gets the job done well. 

Inalsa Steamax 1200-Watt Garment Steamer 

This is another handheld garment steamer, but it comes with more power and more water capacity and thus lets you steam longer. It sports attachments and add-ons that you can use to remove lint from clothes, curtains or other fabrics. It has a 260ml water tank and can be used vertically or horizontally, making it ideal for everyday use. The steamer releases a powerful continuous 20g/min steam and heats up in just a few seconds. The steam then removes bacteria, wrinkles and creases from delicate and tough materials equally. 

Rossmann Garment Steamer 1800 Watts Professional Heavy Duty

This one is a garment steamer for professionals and those who always want to look their best. It packs effective and easy steaming with 3 levels of steam adjustment. This allows you to control high-power steam for obtaining optimal results. The steamer is also suitable for all fabrics, and it comes with a deluxe, multi-functional hanger that makes it all the more convenient to use when steaming shirts, jackets, blazers and the like. There is also a fabric brush, trouser press and a glove, completing all your ironing accessories and needs. It can steam continuously for over 60 minutes without requiring to refill the water tank as it packs a 2-litre water tank. This steamer comes equipped with a powerful commercial-grade boiler for longer life and powerful continuous steam ideal for professional use.

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