Battlegrounds Mobile India May update rolls out with Livik Map, Core Circle mode, and other features

Battlegrounds Mobile India May update rolls out with Livik Map, Core Circle mode, and other features
  • Battlegrounds Mobile India is celebrating its one-year anniversary.

  • The May update brings in a lot of features like thematic modes, vehicles, and skins to celebrate this.

  • There is also a new Livik Map and new gameplay modes that you get with this BGMI update.

It’s been a year since BGMI (Battlegrounds Mobile India) launched with much fanfare. Now, to appease its fans, Krafton, the BGMI publisher is adding a new update this May that introduces a lot of interesting features to the game. You can download this BGMI May update from Google Play Store. Although at the time of writing, the update wasn’t listed on Apple App Store, it shouldn’t be long before iOS users also get to enjoy the new additions.

Let’s now see what those new BGMI features are.

BGMI May update features

Livik Map


Livik has got new themed locations, a UTV (Utility Task Vehicles), and a raft of new arms and ammunition of XT variants. You will also see advanced supply zones with a load of crates. The new map even has got ziplines and a soccer pitch.

Core Circle Mode

Inspired by the popular Japanese Anime, Neon Genesis Evangelion, BGMI now has new skins, rewards, battles between EVA-01 and EVANGELION’s 6th Angel, and progress-led bonuses. You can access the Core Circle Mode from the in-game discovery events and get the bonuses after May 14.

Classic Mode

When you play in Erangel and Miramar, you can avail of an emergency pickup feature to bring back players who went out of the play zone. There is Revival Tower too to bring back fallen teammates.

The new update announcement also mentions the inclusion of enhanced haptic feedback, sponsor match feature support, and a like button to the spectator mode.

Check out the game and you may find more things that are new to experience.

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