Apple could finally bring multiple user support to iOS

Apple could finally bring multiple user support to iOS
  • Apple has been granted a new patent which hints at multiple user support.

  • The patent is titled, “Provision of domains in secure enclave to support multiple users”.

  • The patent also details the security aspect of multiple users.

One key feature missing from iOS is multiple users. Even though the feature is present on the Macs, the iPhone and especially a device like the iPad really needs multiple user support. It looks like this is about to change as Apple has been granted a patent which details support for multiple users. As spotted by Apple Insider, the patent granted to apple is titled "Provision of domains in secure enclave to support multiple users."

While the patent details more than one user being able to use a device, it also highlights the security aspects of the patent. According to Apple Insider, the patent reads, "A computing device can employ several passcodes and associated encryption keys, where multiple passcodes or encryptions keys may be associated with each different user account on the system”. Even though the patent says computing device, it could be more indicative towards the iPad or the iPhone as Macs already support multiple users. Also support for multiple passcodes and encryption keys could mean secure login to the device and associated apps and services that require a login. 

The patent also goes on to highlight other security measures to ensure that there is no way in which multiple user support could lead to a breach of data. This isn't the first time a multiple user patent has been published. According to Forbes, the first multi-user patent was published back in 2013.

Multiple user support on a device like the iPad seems like a no-brainer. For a professional using an iPad as his primary computing device and then coming back home, the rest of the family can use the device for gaming, entertainment or simply social networking. 

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