Top streamers are being paid up to $50,000 an hour to play games: Report

By Digit NewsDesk | Updated 20 May 2019
Top streamers are being paid up to $50,000 an hour to play games: Report
  • ​Game publishers are paying streamers up to $50,000 an hour: Report
  • EA, Activision, Ubisoft, and Take-Two, are paying huge amounts of money these pay celebrity-like streamers.
  • Recently, Ninja was paid $1 million to play Apex Legends.

Top game streamers are being paid a minimum of $25,000 and a maximum of $50,000 per hour to play games on their streaming channels, a media report has said. According to a report in The Wall Street Journal, game publishers like Electronic Arts (EA), Activision, Ubisoft, and Take-Two, among others are spending huge amounts of money to pay popular streamers on Twitch or YouTube to play a newly-released game. These streamers attract an audience of 15,000 viewers or more at a given point of time.


Game streaming is not new and has been prevalent since long, but sponsored or paid streaming picked up not too long ago. In February, EA reportedly paid American Twitch streamer Ninja $1 million to play Apex Legends, and participate and promote the game’s launch event. Even in India, the reduced internet tariffs have played an important part in the online gaining momentum and game streaming.

The Indian online gaming market is projected to become a billion dollar industry by 2020 thanks to Mobile Gaming. India is one of the top five countries in the world for the number of mobile gamers. More than video streaming, people are gaming and watching games on their handheld devices in the country. On a global level, Live Streaming is a $10.1 billion industry and is expected to reach $13.1 billion with over 19 million creators projected to live stream in 2019.

The concept of paying game streamers big buck may prove to be a win-win situation for both the parties. Instead of spending millions on advertising, game publishers can pay these streamers which could arguably get them more eyes than the regular advertising practices. From the gamers perspective, this could open up new opportunities to earn revenue especially in emerging markets like India where game streaming is in its nascent stages. We have seen a lot of young people play PUBG mobile and support their families. You can read more about such people here.

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