Facebook rolls out Stories Archive, Voice Posts and Saved Photos for Android users

By Digit NewsDesk | Updated 16 May 2018
Facebook rolls out Stories Archive, Voice Posts and Saved Photos for Android users
  • Voice Posts can only be made by FBLite users for now while the Saved Photos and Stories Archive features will be available for iOS users only.

Facebook has some new updates coming to its platform. The social network giant is rolling few updates to Facebook Stories and some more options to create more content. Facebook stories can now be archived and users can now save the photos they click from the camera inside the Facebook app and make voice posts.


The big change here is the ability to post voice clips as Facebook posts and Facebook Stories. But it’s only coming to the FBLite app. Android users will see in the coming months. Earlier, users would do that by covering the camera and share the audio only. That’s no longer needed as Facebook now allows audio only Stories. It doesn’t need to be associated with a photo or a video anymore. The feature has been optimised to take up less data. Other people can also share your voice posts similar to how they can share a post on their News Feed.  The audience of the voice post will be decided by the privacy settings of the user who created the post.

Facebook said the voice posts will be subject to same community standards of the social network, like every other post.

Furthermore, the photos taken by the Facebook camera app can be saved where only users can see when they log in. The photos eat up space on the phone anymore. Instead, they’re stored in Facebook’s servers. Photos that you want to share later also be saved similarly. The feature is only come to Android devices right now, so iOS users will have to wait it out.

Finally, Facebook is giving the option to archive older stories. The feature will be rolled out in the coming weeks. After the photo disappears after 24 hours, you can find them in the Story Archive which can only be accessed by the user. You will be asked once whether you want to turn on auto-archiving. Archived stories can also be shared either as a story or as a post. There’s no way to manually archive stories, and you can opt out of auto-archiving any time.


The archive button looks like a clock and is located in the Stories section right above the News Feed. Users can also delete individual stories from their archive.

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