The most unique crowdfunded gadgets of 2016

By Souvik Das | Published on 20 Dec 2016
The most unique crowdfunded gadgets of 2016
  • Crowdfunding sites are home to some of the most unique, quirky and proficient gadgets, and 2016 threw up a bunch of interesting projects!

Crowdfunding has evidently taken the world of technology to greater heights. While independent innovators have previously suffered due to lack of enough funds, the likes of Kickstarter and Indiegogo have provided a platform for companies and individuals to present their ideas, and make the most of it with millions of backers.

2016, like every year in the recent past, has been privy to a number of fascinating gadgets that have presented innovative technology beyond the established companies around the world. Here’s looking at some of the best crowdfunded gadgets and products from the world of technology, in 2016.

Lomography Daguerreotype Achromat 64mm f/2.9 lens
Unveiled in the first half of 2016, the Lomography Daguerreotype Achromat 64mm f/2.9 lens is a gorgeous throwback to the world’s first ever optical lens - hence the name Daguerreotype. The lens is not only compatible with Canon, Nikon and Pentax mounts, but also supports the Waterhouse Aperture plate system. Alongside silky smooth to razor sharp focus, you also get stunning bokeh in various patterns.

Ossic X 3D calibrated headphones
This one, by American company Ossic, is a pair of calibrated 3D audio headphones that not only sound good, but deliver exceptional spatial distribution of audio. This essentially makes it a highly competent pair of headphones for virtual reality headsets, and makes for one of the best Kickstarter campaigns of 2016. The Ossic X 3D headphones can also be calibrated exactly as per the acoustic properties of your own ears, and quite to the tune of the product’s finesse, Ossic raised more than $2.7 million, as against its $100,000 campaign target.

Vinci Smart headphones with AI
The Vinci Smart headphones has also been among the greatest crowdfunding successes of 2016, raising almost $900,000, in comparison to its goal of $50,000. The Vinci Smart headphones have its own AI, can recognise voice commands, play back music, answer queries, and can be controlled via finger gestures. It also delivers 3D surround audio, along with active noise cancellation, making it one of the most complete pair of headsets around us.

We’ve all loved Lego creations, but were you among those who wished there could be more to it than mere building blocks and some tyrant crashing it all down? Enter, Brixo. Fully compatible with Lego bricks, Brixo is essentially blocks of circuitry, lights, speakers, connectors or even wireless chips, all knit together and controlled via apps. This is a unique take on IoT, something that manages to breathe in some fun to technology. The Israel-based venture raised over $700,000 as against its $50,000 goal, helping this unique concept come to fruition.

This is one of the more astronomical successes. The Olo 3D printer is tiny, light and portable, and the best bit? It uses light from your phone for 3D printing objects. You can literally print your favourite objects in 3D, directly from your phone. That is not just cool, but can even be somewhat utilitarian. The San Francisco-based firm raised a mammoth $2.3 million against its $80,000 campaign goal.

While there were plenty of other campaigns that were impressive, the previous ones were among the most unique of the pick. Which one was your pick of the lot?

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