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    Creative ZEN Mozaicflipkart_sm5499

    Creative ZEN Mozaic Review

    By Team Digit | 16 Dec 2018


    Overall, the bundle is something that looks a lot better than it sounds.
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    Creative ZEN Mozaic: Detailed Review


    Mosaic Art


    The first time you see the Creative ZEN Mozaic, it looks like a flatter and larger version of ZEN Stone plus — similar body and rounded corners. At closer inspection you can see the difference. The ZEN Mozaic has got a matte charcoal finish all over and gray and white accented keys that look great on it.


    As far as support is concerned the ZEN mosaic supports majority audio formats, MP3 and WMA to name a few. Along with that it can also play video content on it as well, though you will definitely have to wait for hours to convert the video with the bundled utility. We wish there was support for newer video formats like MP4 and DivX on this PMP.

    The ZEN Mozaic has a 1.4-inch colour display screen having a resolution of 128 x 160 pixels. The display is vibrant and colourful, and is good enough to display all information about a song. Due to its low resolution, video is not a good experience.


    An FM player and a Voice recorder are also included, which is good for people who don’t like to have too many gadgets.


    The ZEN mosaic is a powerful little monster when it comes to music playback. The quality of the bundled headphones are a big let down. You will have to get yourself a good pair of cans if you buy this player, so remember to add that cost.


    The battery life is good enough, and lasts about 6 hours between charges. FM reception is bad, and the lack of an expandable memory slot is worse — you’re stuck with the 2 GB provided. There are 4 GB and 8 GB versions available as well, but it’s still not enough these days.



    Team Digit
    All of us are better than one of us.
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