Noble Skiodo launches its 4K UHD LED smart TV at Rs. 49,000

The Noble Skiodo 42KT424KSMN01 is exclusively available via Amazon

By Press Release | Published 21 Jul 2016 20:40 IST
  • The Noble Skiodo 42KT424KSMN01 is exclusively available via Amazon

Noble Skiodo launches its 4K UHD LED smart TV at Rs. 49,000
Noble Skiodo launches its 4K UHD LED smart TV at Rs. 49,000

Noble Skiodo has launched its 4K UHD LED smart TV in India at Rs. 49,000. Called the Noble 42KT424KSMN01, features surround sound, built in wifi, and an exclusive sports mode. The TV supports Android v4.2.2 and is equipped with four USB, three HDMI, and one VGA port. The Noble Skiodo 42KT424KSMN01 4K UHD LED smart TV is exclusively available from Amazon.

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Riding high on the success of its exclusive partnership with Amazon, Noble Skiodo TV, a brand has revolutionized TV viewing experience in India with its high end technology at budgeted prices & also exclusive Technological tie-up with Skiodo Inc. from Silicon Valley announces the launch of its latest, a new standard of high definition that raises the viewing bar higher than ever, its UHD (4K) Noble 42KT424KSMN01 LED TV the budget model of the year, with plenty to offer maximizing your entertainment experience. 

With powerful UHD 4K resolution, great black level, superb high dynamic range, exquisite brightness and contrast performance Noble Skiodo has one upped, with its latest that comes with plenty of high-caliber specs. The stunning 4K picture is packed in slim to seamlessly blend in with your home’s décor, an impressive combination of technologies, delivered in a particularly attractive design

HD Wide angle Viewing:Enter the world of high definition (UHD) with crystal clear picture quality and a viewing enhancer plus that brings images to life. Using the latest technology, the 4x Graphic engines rectifies any color deviation and brings you the most vibrant and clear image that enhances and redefines the art of visual storytelling.

The 4K TV also allows wide viewing angle along with the Color adjustment, it shows the most consistent color and contrast from all angles among competing panels, so you can enjoy more professional-grade color from every seat in your house.

True Color Accuracy: Direct LED lighting & A+ Grade Panel offers the most identical color impression, which is deep, detailed and pure. The DLD uses LED clusters behind the Ultra Slim FPD Panel screen which enables local dimming and helps produce a wider color spectrum. This feature also produces superior color purity that intensifies the whole viewing experience eliminating any fizzing noise or image retention.    

Surround Sound: Even the smallest of sounds can be heard with our large sound base. Additional features include volume adjustment through bass and treble adjuster along with an auto volume leveler. You can also connect any device to open files, play music, watch videos, etc. using a USB drive. The in-built digital media player supports various media formats, so all you need to do is plug in the USB stick and enjoy your digital content.

Built in Wifi: With easy access to the world of internet, you can now stream live videos, surf the web, or watch what’s trending on YouTube sitting right in front of your TV. You can easily link to your home network and access your favorite browser without the hassle of connecting a whole bunch of wires. The remote also has a built-in keyboard that allows you to type in your URL browse the internet with ease.

Exclusive Sports Mode: With the special feature entitled Sports Mode, Noble Skiodo allows you to recreate that experience in the comfort of your own living room. On top of providing the best sports game viewing experience on TV, it also allows you to enhance your viewing experience with advanced features that lets you control the action. The greens of the grass have never been more real, and the sounds of the stadium have never been more alive. 

Connectivity Options: With 4 USB and 3 HDMIs, VGA port connectivity you can easily connect your media devices for a top-notch viewing experience. This feature enables you to connect your smartphone to your high definition TV and watch your video and image galleries on the wider screen for an ultimate picture viewing experience.

Another exciting feature is the motion sensor that allows you to play android games on TV.Building a smarter future for the world at large, and big part of that vision is environmental sustainability with Noble TV. Equipped with several features and energy efficiency our Power saving mode automatically adjusts the backlight and brightness of your TV,which also helps reduce the stress and fatigue to your eyes while viewing TV in dim or darker rooms

Its time to relish theatre like experience, with UHD (4K) 42inch Smart TV 42KT424KSMN01 available exclusively with Amazon India. 

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