1More introduces Piston Classic In-Ear headphones in India

By Press Release | Updated 6 Sept 2017
1More introduces Piston Classic In-Ear headphones in India
  • The new 1More Piston Classic In-Ear Headphone is available in three different colors and priced at 1,499 INR.

American audio peripheral maker 1More, announces the launch of their new 1More Piston Classic In-Ear headphones here in India. Launching at a price of 1,499 INR, the in-ear headphone is available in three colors - Black, Golden and Rose Gold, and also features in-line remote compatible with both Android and iOS ecosystem.


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1More a premiere consumer electronics audio company headquartered in San Diego, California has launched Piston Classic In-Ear Headphones in India. 1More collaborated with internationally acclaimed Grammy Award Winning producer, mixer, and sound engineer Luca Bignardi to perfect the final tuning to deliver a precise representation of your favorite artist's intended sound.

1more Piston classic


Millions of people like the 1MORE Piston Classic style. It’s the very style we need to extend. 1More has selected metal composite diaphragm to allow the metal clip to have outstanding performance in high frequency which will give a mellow sound in detail. 1More lineage the patent damping system to assimilate noise. Utilizing lightweight aerospace metal and flexible PET material, presenting finest details, dynamic rhythm, put it on, let the inspirational music continues. It has 32Ω low impedance design, plug and play feature with Smartphone,iPod, iPad, iPhone anytime on the music when plug it on. It has a three button control,simplified operation,support call answering, call ending, call rejecting and music play, pause functions & volume up & down.

1MORE has selected the patented dual-system technology. The dual-system intelligent control allows for compatibility with both Apple and Android systems.  It solves the problem of smart phone-wire compatibility between iOS and Android (CTIA international standard interface). Using MEMS microphone in control line smaller in size with higher consistency. The ground wire and earphone’s line have their own channel, to avoid cross-talk and gives you a hi-res talking experience.


1more Piston Classic

The headphone cable is wrapped by Kevlar fibre, which is tough and durable, It originates from bulletproof vest material, which are more durable and adds increased tensile strength. The main cable are braided, the branch cable that is close to ears used TPE, which can bring less friction with clothes. The metal chase originates from aluminium, CNC diamond cut for once with highlight drilling and CD pattern craftwork in the surface. The metal chase surface is anodized, which is safer and more difficult to lose color.


The launching price of the product is INR. 1499, The product carry's a 1-year warranty and is exclusively available at Amazon.in. Available in 3 assorted colors, the Piston Classic lets you pick from Black, Golden and Rose Gold.

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