Mozilla to reportedly launch Firefox OS for wearables

Mozilla to reportedly launch Firefox OS for wearables
  • Mozilla Firefox OS for wearables, could open up communication among all devices, regardless of OS.

Mozilla has already introduced low cost smartphones and TV's based on its Firefox OS, now according to reports, the comapny is planning to foray into the wearables segment. 

Firefox OS can be used as a platform for connected devices ranging from TVs to smartphones to smartwatches. Device maker would be able to use the operating system without having to go through the process of developing their own software.

Mozilla's Firefox OS is already being used in low-cost smartphones, and has also been adopted in 4K TVs released by Panasonic in 2015. The company now plans to expand the OS to a wider range of devices, including wearables and home appliances, according to said Joe Cheng, manager of product and project management of the mobile devices group at Mozilla.

Cheng stated that the company plans to push the OS into more Web-connected devices, to provide a consistent user experience. He added that the goal for the Firefox OS is to provide an underlying operating system for all mobile devices, appliances, TVs and wearables to easily communicate and exchange information with each other. Cheng stated that Mozilla Firefox OS based wearables will communicate with all devices, regardless of OS.

Firefox which is known for its low cost handsets, may seen attractive to consumers looking to buy cheaper wearables, other than those made by Google or Apple. It could also attract low cost smartwatch makers in China who sell products under $100.

Mozilla isn’t the only company who is planning to enter the wearable segment. Apple’s much awaited smartwatch is expected to hit the shelves by March. Samsung is also planning to launch its Tizen-based software for wearables and LG is working on smartwatches based on webOS software. Electronic giants like LG and Samsung want their own operating systems so that they can have more control over the software ecosystem of the products they sell.

Source: Computer World

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