Tata Sky announces ‘Room TV Service' for users with multi-TV connections

By Digit NewsDesk | Updated 14 Jun 2019
Tata Sky announces ‘Room TV Service' for users with multi-TV connections
  • Tata Sky has announced a new ‘Room TV Service' for its users with multi-TV connections
  • The new option is said to make it more ‘feasible’ to select TV packs for multi-TV connections on the same subscriber ID.

Tata Sky recently announced that it will discontinue multi-TV connection plans from June 15. This means that users with a multi-TV connection would have to pay for each of the connections they have at home. Now, the company has announced a new ‘Room TV service' that is aimed at making it more ‘feasible’ for consumers to select TV packs on their multi-TV connections. While there is no detailed information on how exactly this new option works, the company says their users with secondary connections can now have different channels and services from the base pack. This base pack mentioned here refers to the plan a user has opted for their primary connection in their home, under the same subscriber ID. 


“Subscribers can seamlessly choose the content of their choice on the secondary connections and only pay for the selected content. Their secondary connections can now have different channels & services from the base pack selected for the first connection in the house under the same subscriber ID,” Tata Sky states in its press release. The new option can be accessed via the company’s website or the Tata Sky mobile app. Here’s a video that explains the process but do note that the prices of all additional connections could change from June 15 this year. 

While the new ‘Room TV service' by Tata Sky has been explained to some extent by the video above, there are no specifics. For example, it doesn’t answer the questions on whether users will have to pay network capacity fee (NCF) on secondary connections or the additional charges one could incur. Dish TV and Airtel Digital TV recently refreshed their multi-TV offers so that they are in line with TRAI’s mandate. TRAI directed all service providers to offer discounts on NCF for multiple TV connections in the same location.



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ganesh revankar
May 17, 2017
Comments (1)

LMAO!! Majority of people get misled by catchy headlines like "TataSky to start Room TV Service" blah blah blah and garner the post with 1000s of likes... Arrey gadho!! You are now going to pay much more than you used to... And the same people abuse Tata Sky later... People should rather analyse first and protest at the right time instead of begin fooled and then realising later!! Talking about Tata Sky, I have personally not taken a year's subscription but just paying monthly currently because I don't have an option!! Let Jio come and then we will see... Currently Tata Sky, Airtel and TRAI have jointly decided that customers should pay individual rentals by showing that customers are unhappy paying Multi TV rentals separately... They have made a decorated story and conveniently blamed it on customer's dissatisfaction.... Umm, so you think a family will have separate packs for separate tv's? Are they PGs in their own house?! I am now going to end up paying Rs. 200 extra/month (Rs. 100 each for 2 secondary STBs), which has pushed my monthly rental of fully loaded HD pack from Rs. 1545 (already increased by 20% in April 2019) to Rs. 1745!!! This kind of malpractice should be protested by slapping Tata Sky and TRAI with chappals!!

Rohan Mehta Posted OnJun 19, 2019
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