Transcend launches thermal DDR3 memory, while Strontium brings high-density RAM

By Mihir Patkar | Updated 24 Aug 2009
Transcend launches thermal DDR3 memory, while Strontium brings high-density RAM
Two separate companies have launched new DDR3 memory products in India, marking the rapid adoption of this technology.
Transcend has launched a set of new server-grade DDR3 modules that come equipped with an advanced thermal sensor. This allows motherboard chipsets to monitor the exact temperature of each memory module and adjust the memory load accordingly, ensuring the best possible system performance while at the same time protecting the DRAM modules from potentially catastrophic failure and compromised system stability.
"Thanks to the information provided by the thermal sensors of these modules, the memory load can be adjusted so as to provide high performance while protecting the modules from crash and burn scenarios, which can prove to be extremely costly for organisations,” said Mr. Austin Huang, Regional Head - Sales, SAARC & APAC, Transcend.
The DDR3 memory modules include ECC DIMMs and Registered DIMMs in both 1333MHz and 1066MHz versions.
Available with a 3-year warranty, the 1333MHz models sell at Rs 3,000 for 1GB and Rs 5,600 for 2GB. The 1066MHz models will cost Rs 3,000 for 1GB as well, but the 2GB version comes for a much more affordable Rs 3,700.
Strontium Technology 
Strontium Technology recently unveiled their 4GB DDR3 1333MHz modules for desktops and laptops. The 4GB DDR3 module from Strontium exhibits higher capacity, lower energy consumption and better heat dissipation, making it an optimal memory upgrade for today’s powerful, compute-intensive hardware and software platforms.
Vivian Singh, CEO of Singapore based Strontium Technology, said “Dual- and multi-core CPUs for multi-tasking operations, 64-bit operating systems and sophisticated applications require high performance memory with reduced power consumption. To address the need for a more powerful memory support, we have come up with 4GB DDR3 in a single module for our customers.” 
Strontium also released the all-new 4GB DDR2 800MHz modules for desktops and laptops. These modules are a perfect memory solution for users who are looking to upgrade their existing PCs with higher density and superior performance DDR2.

The 4GB DDR-3 1333MHz is set to retail at Rs 14,000, while the 4GB DDR-2 800MHz will cost Rs 9,000 for laptops. 


Mihir Patkar

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