Intel’s 8th gen CPUs will reuse14nm manufacturing process

By Hardik Singh | Updated 14 Feb 2017
Intel’s 8th gen CPUs will reuse14nm manufacturing process
  • The upcoming processor lineup from Intel will be manufactured on the 14nm node and may come with a small 15% performance bump

Intel has confirmed that its upcoming lineup of 8th gen Intel Core processors will be again manufactured on the 14nm node. This will be the fourth year since the 14nm node was first introduced in Intel’s consumer grade processor lineup. The new processor lineup will be launched officially in the second half of this year and is expected to push the performance bar 15% over and above the 7th gen Kaby Lake processors. However, this throws in a big wrench in the works for people who were waiting for a new 10nm chip lineup from Intel this year.


Intel abandoned its Tick Tock model way back and adopted a new PAO (Process-Architecture-Optimization) model where a certain node was likely to remain for at least three years. However, it is a little disheartening for PC enthusiasts to see another year with just optimization being done over the 14nm node. More importantly, going to a lower manufacturing process would have given the company, as well as the consumers, something to boast about. Further, it would have given Intel enough headroom to increase performance while lowering TDP as well heat ratings.

However, it is still not very clear whether Intel will launch just the 14nm chips under the 8th gen naming scheme. We say so since Intel showcased a 10nm chip at CES this year on a 2-in-1 laptop. According to Ashraf Eassa who was present at the Intel Investor meet, Intel's VP and GM of Client and IoT, Dr. Venkata Renduchintala, said that the processor technology will be “fluid” based on the product segment. This may point towards different nodes within the 8th gen CPU lineup, perhaps later down line or maybe in early 2018.

Via: Anandtech

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