Cool Leaf: shiny-new & dust-free Japanese input devices

By Abhinav Lal | Updated 5 Mar 2010
Cool Leaf: shiny-new & dust-free Japanese input devices


A Japanese company called Minebea has created an input system that is certainly beautiful, if not very functional. Called Cool Leaf, the system is termed “overall flat” by its developers, and features no key tops. Minebea has created a keyboard, calculator, and remote using this system, and the results are, well, good-looking!



Using a combination of plate-type backlighting, force sensor arrays, and new film technology developed by Toray Industries, Minebea have made what is claimed to be the world's first “electrostatic capacity type touch panel and a load sensor.”


So, what's so great about these devices, apart from their beauty? Their biggest benefit according to the company lies in the fact that with no keys or grooves for dust to slip into, the devices will be easy to clean, and remain unaffected on the inside, even if you are in a dust-storm! The reflective surface however, will be prone to scratches and smudges, implying a degree of care not warranted by the function of these simple devices.Minebea has not yet announced when any of these products will become commercially available. Click here to visit the company's website.


Abhinav Lal

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