Black Shark 3S teasers reveal motion controls and screen mirroring

Black Shark 3S teasers reveal motion controls and screen mirroring
  • The Black Shark 3S will be launching on July 31

  • The Black Shark 3S is a tweaked variant of the Black Shark 3

Black Shark 3S is set to launch on July 31. The company yesterday took Weibo to tease a few details of the upcoming gaming smartphone. Today again, Black Shark has shared official teasers revealing that the 3S will feature screen mirroring, motion controls, and mouse and keyboard input support via USB connection.

Previous teasers confirmed that the Black Shark 3S to have a 120Hz display refresh rate and 270Hz touch sampling rate for ultra-smooth gaming graphics. Another teaser video confirmed that it would have a 6.67-inch AMOLED display and MEMC 3.0 technology to deliver a smooth performance at a higher frame rate by interpolating additional frames.

The Black Shark 3S is a tweaked variant of the Black Shark 3, which was launched in March alongside the 3 Pro. These gaming smartphones are only launched in China as of now, there's no update on when they are going to hit the Indan shores. 

Teasers reveal a set of new features on Black Shark 3S

The new teaser video confirms three highlighting features of the Black Shark 3S. While screen mirroring and keyboard/mouse support are features that don't seem very modern, motion controls do look like an exciting addition. 

The phone runs on JOYUI 12, which now comes with support for the new features through USB 3.0. It will allow users to plug the phone using USB to a laptop or a PC to mirror the phone's screen using the Black Shark app. Mirroring supports up to 60fps of output on the external device. Interestingly, you can also attach a keyboard and mouse and map buttons on the PC without needing a third party emulator. 

As mentioned, the most interesting feature that could actually help in gaming is the added motion control. Users can assign a specific motion command to a particular action as per the game. For example, you can assign tasks like jumping, reloading or opening scope to specific motions like tilting left, right, downwards or raising the phone while playing. It makes it easier to take control of the gameplay by eliminating the need for tapping the screen. If it works as intended, it should help FPS lovers to upgrade their battle skills.

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