Apple may be facing software issues with wireless charging, 3D sensor on iPhone 8

Apple may be facing software issues with wireless charging, 3D sensor on iPhone 8
  • Reports suggest that while there doesn’t seem to be any issues with the hardware, software issues may lead to the iPhone 8 being shipped with some features disabled initially.

It seems like the upcoming Tenth anniversary edition of the iPhone (tipped to be called the iPhone 8) is giving Apple a whole lot of worry. Soon after reports suggested that the company is racing to figure out how to embed the Touch ID sensor on the phone, a new report by Fast Company suggests that designers and engineers are working “feverishly” to fix software issues with the device. Sources told the website that there is a “sense of panic” in the air because if problems are not resolved, the company may have to ship the devices with a number of features disabled.

One of the features that Apple seems to be having trouble with is wireless charging, one of the new features that the upcoming device is tipped to come with. The report notes that that the problem may not be the wireless charging components, but rather the software, which may not be working properly. If the feature doesn’t work as expected, Apple may have to enable it post launch via a software update, similar to what it did with Portrait Mode on the iPhone 7 Plus.

Another problem that Apple seems to be facing is with the 3D sensor that is tipped to be used for facial recognition. As per the report, the company is struggling to get the sensor working reliably. Like the problem with wireless charging, the issue is said to be caused by the software, rather than hardware.

The issue with the 3D sensor is quite troubling, especially if the previous report of Apple not being able to figure out where to place the Touch ID are true. To recall, the iPhone 8 is said to feature an OLED display that may take up the entire front of the phone, leaving no room for a physical home button. While Apple may introduce an under-display home button, similar to what Samsung did in the Galaxy S8 series, the location of the Touch ID sensor remains an issue. The integration of Touch ID is important as it plays an important part of the security offered by Apple Pay.

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