Apple HomePod firmware hints at facial recognition, bezel-less design on iPhone 8

By Shrey Pacheco | Published on 31 Jul 2017
  • Two developers have separately found instances of facial unlock as well as an image showing a bezel-less iPhone. Further, another report claiming to show a page from the retail packing of the iPhone 8 also shows the same design

Apple HomePod firmware hints at facial recognition, bezel-less design on iPhone 8

Another day, another iPhone 8 leak. This time around, the leaks seems to have come from Apple itself. Developer Steve Troughton-Smith rummaged around the code in the Apple HomePod firmware and found references to face unlock that the upcoming device is tipped to come. In response to this, another developer, Guilherme Rambo, claims to have found an image of the phone in the firmware that shows the new bezel-less form factor that the device is expected to come with. This wasn’t the only look we had of the iPhone 8 in the past few days. Slashleaks posted an image, which is said to be a page of the packaging that instructs users how to swap their SIM card. The image used shows the same bezel-less design that leaks and renders have suggested.

Besides the new design, Apple is also tipped to switch to OLED panels with the new smartphone. The company has reportedly ordered 70 million panels from Samsung and may even be working on its own OLED technology in order to reduce its dependency on other manufacturers.

Of course, one of the problems that come with the use of a bezel-less design is the location of the Touch ID sensor. Reports suggest that the company was planning to use an under display sensor, but the company may have run into problems with implementation of the technology, because of which, the company may be having trouble figuring out where to implement the Touch ID sensor. The sensor is important as it forms the backbone of the company’s payment system, Apple Pay. The company may also be facing problems getting the wireless charging and 3D sensor (for facial recognition to work). There have also been numerous reports stating that because of all these reasons, the Apple iPhone 8 might end up getting delayed. The latest one states that while the phone may be unveiled alongside the iPhone 7s and iPhone 7s Plus in September, it will only be available by October.

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