Samsung patent reveals dual-OS notebook with a phablet dock

By Kul Bhushan | Updated 26 May 2015
Samsung patent reveals dual-OS notebook with a phablet dock
  • Samsung's new patent is about a notebook-like device that has a phablet dock, which suggests it could simultaneously run Windows and Android operating systems.

Samsung has received a patent for a phablet dock that can be placed in a Windows laptop. The system has two components – first is phablet that possibly runs Android while the second is the phablet dock that is inside a notebook featuring display and keyboard. The device will allow users to switch between Android and Windows operating systems.


The patent reveals the device could run two operating systems, which could also mean it support Tizen. However, patent does not mention about processor, RAM or built-in Wi-Fi connectivity, which also suggests the device will be entirely powered by the smartphone/phablet. According to the patent, display of the phablet can also work as the touchpad for the device (read notebook). The dock will be able to charge the phablet. "The storage may store a program to drive the phablet (electronic apparatus 100). Specifically, the storage may store a program which is a group of various commands which are necessary to drive the phablet. Herein, the program includes not only an application program to provide a specific service but also an operating program to drive an application program. Herein, the operating program may include the first operating system and the second operating system. Specifically, the first operating system may be an Android operating system which is driven in a smart phone, etc., and the second operating system may be a Windows operating system which is driven in a notebook PC, a desktop PC, etc,” adds the Samsung patent.

Samsung's new patent hints at an interesting hybrid device, as it retains focus on the smartphone/phablet as well as gives users flexibility to increase productivity through a notebook-like device. Samsung is likely to use this technology to compete with Apple and Google in the enterprise segment. But, it's highly unlikely we see the commercial launch of the product anytime sooner. However, we can expect partial adoption of the technology in future Samsung products. Revelation of the new Samsung patent comes shortly after Google's new patent about smart toys was reported. Google's new patent reveals it is developing smart internet connected toys that would listen to instructions and follow voice commands from home owners to do tasks around the house. For e.g., the toys could switch lights on and off or turn on household appliances by a simple vocal command.

Source: Sammobile

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