AMD A-Series APUs now available in India

By Swapnil Mathur | Updated 23 Nov 2012
AMD A-Series APUs now available in India

AMD, the underdog of processors, has announced the availability of its new A-series Accelerated Processing Unit chips for the Indian market. The new processors will be priced between the Rs. 3,000-8,000 bracket and are being targeted at consumers who would like to do more with their PCs (or laptops) than just browse the web or make word files, without breaking the bank.


AMD’s A-series APUs combine the power of multiple-core processing with the power of discrete graphics, all into one processor. AMD claims that these chips are not only power-efficient, but also pack in a decent punch as far as GPU capabilities go. Hoping that these new processors could replace a dedicated graphics card is obviously hoping for too much, but AMD says that they will definitely allow the casual gamer to indulge themselves in some fun activities.

AMD has always recognized the importance of the gaming community, which is a large and loud chunk of the computer using population. Their acquisition of ATI is testament of that and Ravi Swaminathan, Managing Director and Vice President-Sales and Marketing at AMD India furthered that belief at the launch when he acknowledged that “the world is moving around graphics and the APU is something accepted world over with better battery life (around 10 hours). We have launched the first generation APU a year ago and the new generation is an upgrade to it."

This is AMD bringing ATI’s graphics expertise to the game, shrinking it significantly and packing it into a processor. For example, the A10-5800K model, the top end A-series APU clocks the CPU at 3.8GHz (4 cores that can scale up to 4.2GHz) along with the power of the ATI Radeon HD7660. For a full list of the APU specs, head on over to this link.

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