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Hyundai enters into the consumer electronics and home appliances market in India

By Team Digit | Published on 13 Feb 2019
  • Hyundai Electronics has come up with electronic and home appliances like Smart LED TVs, Air conditioners, Washing machines and Refrigerators for the Indian market

Hyundai enters into the consumer electronics and home appliances market in India

Hyundai Corporation, mostly known for its cars in India, has launched its electronics segment through its extended arm Hyundai Electronics. The company has come up with a series of Smart LED TVs, Air conditioners, Washing machines and refrigerators for the consumer market. According to the company, they're targeting three percent of the market in their first year of operation.

Hyundai Electronics will be launching eleven different variants of its Smart LED TV category. The company claims their smart LED TVs will be equipped with AI that can recognize voice commands. The users can speak into their mobile phones to control TV functions. They further mentioned that the AI will be integrated with the OS on the TV for easy access using a universal mobile app which can further be controlled with the user's voice.

The company is also about to launch an intelligent range of refrigerators which Hyundai claims will be best suited for the Indian market. The refrigerators would come with some smart features for energy efficiency and smart modes according to various food types. 

Additionally, Hyundai Electronics plans to offer large capacity washing machines for the Indian consumer market. The washing machines will be available in both the ranges Fully automatic and semi-automatic. It will offer features like optimal wash selection and will also include modes to save water.

Hyundai Electronics further plans to launch a series of Smart Intelligent Air Conditioners in India. The company claims the Air Conditioners will come with intelligent features that will detect outside air humidity and accordingly set the temperature inside the home without the need for human intervention. Furthermore, aside from smart features, the Air Conditioners will run silently even during high outdoor temperatures.

At the launch, Hyundai Electronics CEO, Mr. Akshay Dhoot (pictured above), said “With the vision to deliver seamlessly integrated technology to every household, we have brought in a wide range of Hyundai’s electronic appliance to India, India is one of the key emerging markets with a burgeoning consumer durable segment and with our entry, we are committed to giving Indian consumers an exposure to smart goods. With the vision to understand our customers better and anticipate their needs, we shall always endeavour to deliver products that contribute meaningfully in offering a more enriching  experience.”

Additionally Mr Abhishek Malpani, COO, Hyundai Electronics, said “Hyundai Electronics continuously worked to usher a paradigm shift in the way people work, play and live today. This year, we are taking another leap to expand our footprints in the Indian market with our diverse range of products. These products will demonstrate the entire gamut of innovation and expertise that Hyundai is known for and we shall remain committed to offering smart products for the Indian market."

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