Good quality flour mills to grind grains at home

Good quality flour mills to grind grains at home

Wheat is the staple food ingredient across several regions in India. But to make wheat flour, commercial mills remove 30% of the wheat kernel, removing the most nutritious part of the grain. Commercially milled flour eliminates all of the wheat germ oils, preventing them from becoming rancid and extending the shelf life of the flour. If you wish to mill your own flour at home, we recommend you to check out the following options on Amazon.

MICROACTIVE 2 IN 1 Fully Automatic Domestic Flour Mill

This machine includes a High-Quality 6-Blade Grinding Chamber. It also has a Strong Grinding Chamber door. The MICROACTIVE 2 in 1 model has a Masala Attachment that can grind everything from wheat to jawar, millet to rice, as well as Haldi (turmeric) and red chillies. It can hold 4 kg to 5 kg of grain in the upper hopper and has sturdy Caster Wheels for easy mobility. It also has a cloth filter ring, which ensures that no flour is wasted while grinding. The grinding motor has 100 per cent copper winding for durability. This machine also includes Overload Protection.

King Smart Automatic Flour Mill

The King smart automatic flour mill comes with completely automated LED lights installed inside the smart flour mill. It has a beautiful design with a modular front and top door (glossy finished). It comes with six different types of nets for different types of flour, and it runs smoothly and quietly. The flour mill has a microprocessor controller that allows it to perform properly. It looks good and is quite rugged, thanks to its plywood cover and steel interior body. It is simple to use, maintain and clean. It comes with a powerful 1 hp motor for grinding.

Haystar Domestic Flour Mill 

The Haystar domestic flour mill comes with Isafe Feature. If there is no grain in the hopper, the machine will turn off automatically. It is also safe for children because if the door is opened while the machine is running, it will stop automatically. The flour mill produces very little noise, according to the brand. The brand claims that it produces less noise than a mixer grinder when in operation. Haystar Domestic flour mill also has low electricity consumption. It uses about 0.5 to 0.75 units of electricity per hour and grinds 8-10 kg of grains in one hour. The high-performance flour mill will help you save both money and time. 

ShreejiFine Automatic Domestic Flour Mill

It has a grinding chamber with six blades for precise and fine grinding and grinds at a speed of 8-12 kg per hour. For improved cleaning and hygiene, the bottom and top are made of high-grade stainless steel. The container is made of high-quality stainless steel. It has a slider ring cloth that ensures less flour leakage and reduces wastage while grinding. It can hold 4-5 kg of grains at a time. It also comes with a 2-meter power cord and a 5 AMP plug, allowing you to use it anywhere in your home.

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