Best TDS meters to check the quality of water

Best TDS meters to check the quality of water

The safety and health of your family members is your foremost priority. In this day and age, threats loom all around you, and you wish to leave no stone unturned. To ensure that the water consumption in your household comes from a safe, clean source, a TDS meter can be used to check the water quality. TDS or Total Dissolved Solids refers to the concentration of solid dissolved particles in water. According to World Health Organization, the TDS level of drinking water should be up to 300 ppm for it to be fit for human consumption. The excepted TDS level may be different for other applications like swimming pools or hydroponics. Below is a list of the best TDS meters to check the water quality available on Amazon. 

Aptech deals TDS Meter

Aptech TDS Meter is a convenient digital tool that can tell the total dissolved solids in the water with the push of a button. The product comes with three test modes – temperature function, hold function and on and off function. There is a 5-minute automatic shutdown option that is available. The TDS meter comes with a protective leather casing. It is easy to use and can be recalibrated with ease. The large to read LCD screen will display the water purity level in parts per million units. It is used for hydroponics, aquariums and water ionisers, water filters etc. One LR44 battery is required for the product.

CPEX Pocket Digital TDS Meter

CPEX Pocket Digital TDS Meter is an accurate water meter that comes with advanced microprocessor technology. It has a hold function that saves measurements for convenient reading and recording. The meter has an automatic shutdown function after ten minutes of non-usage to conserve the battery. It is a sensitive device that is easy to use with a large screen to read. It informs the user if the water quality is less than 40ppm (the suggested drinking water quality). It also comes with a carry case for easy usage.

ACUTAS TDS Meter Digital LCD TDS Meter

ACUTAS TDS Meter Digital LCD TDS Meter is a meter with high accuracy and is easy to operate. It has a 0-999 PPM measurement range that can be used to test drinking water, aquariums, pools, RO/DI systems, hydroponics, etc. It has an intelligent detection system capable of displaying the water purity levels on an LCD screen within a few seconds. It has an automatic shut off function that ensures that the meter shuts down after 10 minutes of inactivity. It has an automatic lock function for ease of use. It is portable, lightweight and durable.

Konvio Neer Water Quality Tester

Konvio Neer Water Quality Tester monitors if the quality of water that is being consumed is good for one’s health or not. It has an intelligent chip detection system that will shut down after 10 minutes of inactivity. It is equipped with high-quality titanium alloy probes and reliable automatic temperature compensation to provide accurate readings to the user. It is ideal for all water use applications. It has a large LCD display that indicates complex digital readings. It is a reliable assistant that is easy to use.

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