Best affordable air coolers for your home

Best affordable air coolers for your home

An air cooler is a very useful device for those bothered by the heat. It offers a portable and affordable alternative to air conditioners. However, even when choosing an air cooler, you could have a budget that limits you further. This doesn’t mean you’re out of options. There are some great budget air coolers that do not compromise on cooling efficiency while delivering great value for money. These coolers can be quite capable of cooling smaller rooms with fewer people, with some of them even suited for larger rooms. Here are some options available on Amazon that deliver the right balance of specifications and features.

Crompton Aura Woodwool 55-Litre Desert Cooler

Promising a high air delivery of 4200 cubic metres per hour, the Crompton Aura Woodwool aims to deliver adequate cooling for up to 500 square feet. A simple water drain plug helps you empty the water storage whenever required. To ensure adequate safety during usage, the model features a motor overload protection feature. Whenever you require some extra chill in the air, you can add ice to the Ice Chambers included. The oscillating louvres in the design aid four-way oscillation, spreading the air across the room. To enhance durability, the model features a rust-free design that also helps avoid watermarks on the body.

Kenstar Turbocool – RE Air Cooler

The availability of remote control on the Kenstar Turbocool RE air cooler makes it convenient to operate. Its humidity control allows you to experience the optimal level of moisture in the room. The model features a unique grille design and wood wool honeycomb cooling pads to achieve the best efficiency in cooling. With an air delivery of 2450 cubic metre per hour and an air throw of 9.8m, the cooler promises to cover most average rooms. The system restores functionality on the Turbocool RE makes it suitable for areas prone to power cuts. In case you’re not using the remote, the buttons on the design are placed up front for controls like speed, swing, cooling and more.

SEP Honeycomb Wizzy Blowe

The Sep Wizzy 30 litre air cooler uses the Dura-pump technology for extended durability. It promises a powerful air throw with an auto-swing feature for uniform cooling. The Auto-Swing features an automatic vertical swing while the horizontal swing is manual. Its wheels are capable of multi-directional movement, which helps you take it to any room easily. The Polypropylene Co-Polymer construction extends the lifespan of the device. The Aspen wood hay cooling pad used is more eco-friendly than synthetic alternatives commonly employed by other coolers. Since the water pouring mechanism is present at the top, there is no waiting period for the cooling to begin as the pad absorbs the water immediately. 

Kenstar Icecool RE 60 Litres Honeycomb Air Cooler

The Kenstar Icecool RE air cooler features 45.7cm fan blades, with this large design promising powerful performance. To meet the cooling needs of any room in your house, the cooler is capable of adequately serving up to 4000 cubic metres of space with an air throw of 13.7 metres. The dust filter on the model keeps out any dirt as well as small insects, helping keep your air cleaner. Without opening the cooling pads, you can conveniently check the water level of the cooler using the Water Level Indicator. Since the cooling pads can be easily opened, you can always keep your cooler clean and hygienic.  

Usha Buddy 45 BD1 45-Litre Desert Cooler

The Usha Buddy air cooler features a foldable trolley design making it easier to give it some height and enhance its portability. The model promises low power consumptions, so you don’t need to worry about its impact on your power bill. This, coupled with its ability to run on an inverter power supply, makes it ideal for usage during a power cut. It comes with a floating valve technology that allows you to connect the cooler directly to a water supply safely. The cooler can ensure that it always has adequate water for the pads without any wastage. 

Crompton Ginie Neo- Personal Air Cooler

The Crompton Ginie Neo air cooler features easy to use knobs front and centre. This makes it easier to use without fiddling around with its controls. The ice chamber available on the model helps you experience some extra chills when needed. It keeps away mosquitoes and other small insects using a net in its design, ensuring the cleanliness of the air it delivers. With fully motorised vertical louvres, the swing functionality can push the air far and wide. The model promises air delivery of 4900 cubic meters per hour and an air throw of up to 15ft, capable of cooling down any room. 

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