Affordable Power banks with USB Type-C port and fast charging support

Affordable Power banks with USB Type-C port and fast charging support

How many times has your mobile’s battery died while travelling? Many times, right! To counter this problem and to ensure you are always connected to your loved ones, you must consider buying yourself a power bank. These compact yet powerful charging stations can power up your smartphone on the go, enabling you to travel anytime and anywhere without having to worry about your battery levels. If you are planning to purchase a power bank, make sure it supports a USB Type-C port and quick charging. Moreover, also ensure it comes equipped with advanced durability so that it doesn’t break down easily. Here are a few good options of power banks on Amazon that support USB Type-C port and quick charging:   

Mi Power Bank 3i 20000 mAh 

The Mi Power Bank 3i 20000 mAh features a triple port output that allows you to quickly charge up to three devices at once, thanks to its 18W fast charge support. Equipped with a Type-C port along with a micro-USB port, this device is the one-stop solution for all your charging needs! Using advanced resistance-capacitance sensors, its lithium polymer batteries don’t not only ensure optimal safety but also improve the charging conversion rates. This power bank can also be utilised for charging low power devices (headsets and fitness bands). For switching to its low power mode, all you have to do is double-press the power button. It also protects your mobile devices from overheating, over current, and short circuits as it runs on a robust 12-layered advanced protective design.  

URBN 10000 mAh Power Bank

The URBN 10000 mAh Power Bank functions on a high-capacity, lithium-polymer battery that gives you the same robust performance after every charge. Running at a speed of up to 22.5 Watts, this power bank can quickly charge up your smartphone in little to no time. It has two ports of 22.5 Watts each that allow you to charge multiple devices simultaneously. Being compact in size and decked with a high-capacity battery, you can carry this power bank with you to different places, making it the perfect travel companion. Offering a smooth touch that gives the power bank a premium look, it also boasts sharp LED lights on its body that indicate the various levels of its functioning. It is protected by a sophisticated 12-levelled protection system that ensures your devices are safe while they are getting quickly charged.  

Ambrane 27000 mAh Li-Polymer Power Bank

The Ambrane 27000 mAh Li-Polymer Power Bank has a premium rubberised matte finish that gives this device an elegant look. Exclusively designed to charge almost every device you’ll be using daily, this power bank can be used to meet your every charging need. Itss Quick Charge 3.0 & Power Delivery (PD) technology allows you to experience ultra-fast, two-way quick charging. It is compatible with every mobile (both Android and iOS) and other devices, such as tablets, speakers, digital cameras, and wearables. Offering both USB ports and a Type C Port, you can charge multiple devices at the same time with this power bank.     

Redmi 20000 mAh Li-Polymer Power Bank

The Redmi 20000 mAh Li-Polymer Power Bank works on a two-way 18 Watts charging mechanism that allows you to charge up your devices quickly. Equipped with a 12 Layer Advanced Circuit Chip Protection, this device doesn’t only protect your smartphone from overheating and short circuits but also ensures maximum efficiency when your device is docked against its ports. It supports both Type C & micro-USB cables and is made out of an anti-slip edge texture that prevents pesky falls and drops. It is also universally compatible, which means it can be used for charging not only mobiles but also tablets, Bluetooth speakers, earphones, headsets, and fitness bands.     

Kulpreet Singh