PUBG Mobile Season 2 update adds Miramar map, new game variations and more

By Shrey Pacheco | Updated 16 May 2018
PUBG Mobile Season 2 update adds Miramar map, new game variations and more
  • The update brings PUBG Mobile to v0.5.0 and offers a bunch of changes including the Miramar map, local quick teams, new game modes and more

PUBG Mobile has gotten its Season 2 update that adds a new map, new game variantions, local quick teams and more. The update brings the game up to version 0.5.0. The new map that has been added to the game is desert location of Miramar. The may has been available on the PC version of the game for a while now, and is yet to make its way to the Xbox version. However, the company is in the process of testing it on the console. 


PUBG Mobile now offers Progress missions located under the ‘missions’ tab and players can avail rewards for each level they unlock. There are weekly activity missions that offer players rewards for performing certain tasks. There is also a language specific chat, which should help with better communication between players and team mates. The Secret Stash feature can be accessed from the in-game store, and lets users buy items at a discount. The items that will be on sale will change after a few hours. There is also a new local quick team features that allows users to enter a 6-digit code to team up with friends next to you.

Besides this the update to PUBG Mobile also adds new weapons, vehicles, as well as improvements to the game. These include improved smoothness to spectator mode, and parachute camera. New sound added for breaking door, as well as striking sounds in melee combat. The game now also offers improved climbing check during running, picture styles, improved display of personal information and results as well as improved team invitation flow. Further, the initial parachute speed has been increased to match the PC version. You can check out the entire patch notes for the update on Reddit here.

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