Mumbai Police tweets advisory against playing Pokemon Go on city roads

By Shrey Pacheco | Updated 26 Jul 2016
Mumbai Police tweets advisory against playing Pokemon Go on city roads
  • The police posted a series of amusing tweets letting people know that the road is no place to play Pokemon Go

Even though Pokemon Go hasn’t been launched in India yet, the game is already a hit in the country with many Pokemon trainers roaming the streets trying to catch ‘em all. However, playing the game can get a bit dangerous as some people tend to keep their eyes fixed on the game instead of the real world around them. In order to warn people about the dangers of accidentally straying on the road while playing Pokemon Go, the Mumbai Police posted a series of amusing tweets from its official Twitter account. This comes just a few days after the police reportedly denied permission for a Pokewalk event in Mumbai. 


While Pokemon Go is definitely a very addictive game, it can be very dangerous if you lose track of where you are and where you are going, and no game is as important as your safety and well being. Instead of constantly staring at your screen, it is advisable to turn on battery saver mode while you are out for a walk. This mode dims the screen when you hold the phone upside down, so you can place it in your pocket as you walk along. The phone will then vibrate to inform If any Pokemon pop up in your vicinity, so you can be assured of not losing on the elusive Vaporeon. Also, never play the game while you are driving, and if possible, ask a co-passenger to play the game for you. There have also been cases of Pokemon Go players being mugged, so it’s better to avoid places with poor lighting, especially at night. It’s better to let go of that Magmar than lose all your belongings.

Shrey Pacheco
Writer, gamer, and hater of public transport.

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