Doom returns, expect hell on earth

By Nikhil Pradhan | Updated 11 Jun 2014
Doom returns, expect hell on earth
  • After years of troubled development, the latest Doom game has been shown off in a cinematic trailer.

After a decade long gap, we’re finally on course for a new Doom game. Doom 4, or just Doom, actually, will be revealed at QuakeCon in July. Currently, gamers who purchased Wolfenstein: The New Order, another id game, will get access to the Doom beta soon.


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The upcoming Doom has had a difficult development so far, since it was announced back in May 2008. Because of this, the game was sent back for development because it did not meet the franchise’s standards. However, now it looks like the game is on the right track and we should be able to see it next year.

For the time being, check out the moody cinematic trailer released last night on the QuakeCon website:


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