New Chromecast to have Bluetooth connectivity along with better Wi-Fi support

By Digit NewsDesk | Updated 21 Aug 2018
New Chromecast to have Bluetooth connectivity along with better Wi-Fi support
  • It looks like the new Chromecast will have Bluetooth connectivity along with support for the 5GHz Wi-Fi band.

According to a filing with the FCC (Federal Communications Commission) in the US, the upcoming Chromecast device from Google will support Bluetooth and better Wi-Fi connectivity. Yes, there is a new Chromecast in the works. The improvements to Wi-Fi will bring with it support for 5GHz bandwidth connectivity. When Google launched the 4K capable Chromecast Ultra, the device supported Ethernet connectivity. This would help with smoother streaming of 4K content. With 5GHz support, users will be able to stream high resolution content without the need to resort to a wired connection.


Coming to Bluetooth, currently, the Bluetooth chip in Chromecast dongles is used only during the setup process. Full Bluetooth access on a Chromecast device means that users will be able to connect a Bluetooth gaming controller or a keyboard and mouse to the dongle for better navigation. How that will work is something we will know when the device launches.

Google is expected to hold a hardware event in October where the company is expected to show off the next generation Pixel devices, along with other hardware like the Chromecast. Currently, there are two Chromecast dongles available in the market. One is a 1080p stick and the other boasts of 4K. The 4K Chromecast dongle is not available in India officially. The new Chromecast that will launch in October will be the fourth generation Chromecast. The first-generation Chromecast has a long USB stick like design and the second generation brought with it the round colourful design we have seen. In its third generation we saw 4K support. We don’t think we will see a design overhaul with the fourth generation Chromecast.

If you are in the market today to make your old TV smart, then the Amazon Fire TV stick and Chromecast, both are great options. You can check out our detailed comparison of the 2 here.

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