Microsoft Office Online gets a slew of new features

By Kul Bhushan | Updated 13 Feb 2015
Microsoft Office Online gets a slew of new features
  • Microsoft continues to go big on its Office Online suite as it adds tons of new features including deeper OneDrive integration on the web version.

Microsoft has detailed improvements that are being rolled out to its Office Online apps. The updates focus on making  Reading View, file management and editing experiences better.


For reading, Microsoft has updated the toolbar that allows users to access the Edit, Print, Share and Comments commands through one click. It has also added a few advanced tools including Translate or Download a file. Word Online now features direct printing of PDF files, without having to first download the file.

“The new start experience is optimized to get you into the right editing experience as fast as possible. Now you can directly navigate to your most recently used files or see more files on your OneDrive. You can also quickly create a document with the new blank page template or any other template on your screen,” explains Microsoft in a detailed blog.

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Microsoft has made it easier for users to add files to OneDrive. Now, you can save a copy of view only files. Add to OneDrive is also now on the toolbar.

“We’ve integrated the ? Help icon with Tell Me, the expanded Office Online help tool. Now you can click in the “Tell Me” box, located on the top part of the ribbon, type in what you’re looking for and then either select the relevant Office tool, go to a help article or get additional information from Bing,” further explains Microsoft.


Check out all the new features of Microsoft's Office Online here.

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