Instagram takes on YouTube by introducing landscape videos in IGTV on popular demand

By Digit NewsDesk | Updated 24 May 2019
Instagram takes on YouTube by introducing landscape videos in IGTV on popular demand
  • Vertical videos on IGTV are now joined by a new landscape format
  • Instagram says the feature was created on popular demand by creators and viewers
  • Instagram compares opening up landscape videos on IGTV to opening up Instagram to more than square photos

Instagram has finally given in to popular demand and traditional viewing practices. Its dedicated video-sharing platform IGTV will now support landscape videos in addition to vertical videos. It all makes a lot of sense for creators and viewers who are already in the habit of watching videos in the landscape format thanks to YouTube. Creators will now be able to fit more information and visuals into one frame, and those who create dedicated landscape videos for YouTube will be able to transfer them easily onto IGTV. With this new functionality, IGTV could finally start picking off of YouTube’s plate.


While both YouTube and Instagram fully committed to vertical videos last year, the format tends to limit the field of vision and restricts the number of shooting techniques creators can use.

“We’ve heard from creators who want to upload landscape videos for IGTV. Similarly, we’ve heard from viewers who come across landscape videos in IGTV but want to watch them in a more natural way,” Instagram wrote in a blog post. Instagram compares this change to when the platform opened up to images other than square ones back in 2015. It’s evident that Instagram is realising IGTV cannot succeed solely on the back of vertical videos. Multiple reports in the past have suggested that influencers and celebs struggle to get the same amount of reach and views through IGTV compared to YouTube. Having the ability to deliver videos in the more traditional landscape format could make for a positive change for creators and influencers and help them get more views for their content. However, to truly take on YouTube, IGTV would have to come up with a solid monetisation plan for users.

“For viewers, this means IGTV will be a place to watch even more content from the creators they love – and do it straight from their phone. For creators, this means more freedom to express themselves how they want. Vertical videos work great for creators who want to be up-close and personal with their audience; but landscape also has its strengths, especially when it comes to formats like dance and sports which are high motion and often feature a handful of people in frame,” Instagram noted.

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