Google to offer Inbox to business users from next month

By Digit NewsDesk | Updated 24 Feb 2015
Google to offer Inbox to business users from next month
  • This could mean that Inbox will eventually become the primary email client in the Google Apps for Work package in the future.

Google is reportedly going to offer Inbox to some of its Google Apps customers from next month. According to reports, businesses can send an email request to the Google Apps for Work administrator account, in order to get Inbox as their primary email client. The request has to be sent to The application will be subject to approval of course.


This makes sense since Inbox was primarily meant for email power users many of whom use enterprise email accounts. Google had originally launched Inbox last year on an invite only basis, allowing users to try out the new service. Inbox allows users to easily snooze emails and sort through them. The app though didn’t make much sense to us after the launch of Gmail 5.0.

While there was speculation that Inbox was aimed at replacing Gmail, Google had said that no such plans were in place. While Google’s current initiative is more like a beta launch for business users, it seems Inbox may become the primary mail client for Google Apps for Work in the future.

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