A look at the new Gmail 5.0 app

By Hardik Singh | Updated 5 Nov 2014

Google is updating all its apps as part of its new material design overhaul and today the new Gmail v5.0 app began rolling out to all Android devices. The update brings material design as well as some new features to the Gmail app.


The new Gmail 5.0 app is designed after the inbox app from Google which is available via invite only basis. The compose button has now moved from the top bar and hovers over the mail list on the bottom right.


With the new update you can add email accounts from other email services like Yahoo or Outlook as well. Email accounts from other services can sync using IMAP or POP.


You can now toggle through your accounts by swiping the left pull out menu instead of clicking the list like account toggle from earlier versions.


In the tablet mode, as well as in the mobile mode, the reply, forward and reply to all buttons have been moved below the mail content which will make it much easier to navigate.


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