Facebook reportedly testing ‘Conversation Topics’ for Messenger

By Shrey Pacheco | Updated 4 Nov 2016
Facebook reportedly testing ‘Conversation Topics’ for Messenger
  • The feature helps users start conversations by showing information that their friends shared on Facebook

Facebook is reportedly testing a feature that helps users start conversations with their friends. TechCrunch reports that the feature (aptly called ‘Conversation Topics’) offers suggestions on what to talk to friends about. Chris Messina, Developer Experience Lead at Uber posted a screenshot of the feature on iOS to Twitter. The report notes that this feature is only a small test Facebook is conducting right now. Hence, not many users are seeing it on their own app. 


It seems like the feature will use information users share on Facebook to help start a conversation. This could include places they’ve been to, events they are planning to attend, and so forth. Further, the suggested topics seem to have a dedicated section on the home screen. The suggested topics appear underneath a friend's name in the section. This feature seems to be a pretty neat way to help users start a conversation with old friends or start talking to someone new that they may have added.

Earlier this month, Facebook unveiled a new feature called ‘Messenger Day’ which showed stories from the user and their friends on top of the Messenger app, similar to Instagram Stories. Stories posted using Messenger Day would expire in 24 hours. 

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