Here’s the tech behind the Whirlpool Protton range of refrigerators

By Sponsored | Published 24 Sep 2018 19:25 IST
Here’s the tech behind the Whirlpool Protton range of refrigerators
  • Whirlpool's Protton range of refrigerators come with features such as 6th Sense ActiveFresh Technology, customised cooling and more

When people are looking to buy a new refrigerator, they are looking for an appliance that can do more than just keep food cool. Modern refrigerators also need to take into account multiple other factors such as freshness, efficiency and more. This formed a framework for Whirlpool engineers to create the Protton multi door refrigerator. Let’s take a quick look at what the Whirlpool Protton has to offer.

6th Sense ActiveFresh Technology

Whirlpool’s Protton range of refrigerators feature the company’s patented 6th Sense ActiveFresh Technology, which claims to offer up to 2x freshness in fruits and vegetables. It does so by preventing excessive ripening of fruits and vegetables, and maintaining their natural moisture. Excessive ripening is prevented with the use of Zeolite technology which absorbs ethylene emissions, which reduces the sugar content in fruits and vegetables. Moisture retention is possible by avoiding direct contact of cold air with the food products by directing it around the compartment. Further, the Protton also comes with MicroBlock technology, which is an anti-microbial additive present in the material of the compartment itself. Whirlpool claims that this helps to kill up to 99.9%* of microbes.

*Results shown based on internal lab testing and comparison done on select Whirlpool Protton model with previous Whirlpool Protton model of the year 2017.

3 Door Advantage

The first thing anyone will notice when they look at the Protton refrigerator is the fact that it has a total of three doors. The bottom drawer is dedicated towards storing fruits and vegetables and is called the Active Fresh Zone. This offers three advantages. First off, you get a large 32 L storage space for vegetables. The second advantage is that there is no odour mixing between different foods. So, your cake will not smell like onions. The third being better cooling retention as you do not have to access the larger second door compartment where other food items are stored.

Customised Cooling

The Whirlpool Protton range of refrigerators also come with a customisable knob. This knob can be used for providing cooling for specific food stuffs which are very sensitive to temperature. These include berries, chocolate, cheese as well as other dairy products.

Energy Efficient

Since a refrigerator is designed to be used 24x7, it needs to be power efficient lest it generates a large bill for the customer. The team of engineers at Whirlpool understand this very well. The company claims that the Protton consumes less energy than a 60W CFL. This makes it one of the most energy efficient refrigerators in its class. 

As one can see, the many features of the Whirlpool Protton range of refrigerators definitely make it one of the appliances to consider when planning to purchase a new fridge.

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