Kameleon 8 URC 8308

By Team Digit | Published on 11 Dec 2018
Kameleon 8 URC 8308

Mammoth All In One


People owning different electronic appliances such as TVs and set top boxes know there’s an additional burden of running around for different remotes to control each one of them. The Kameleon 8 URC 8303 is an all-in-one remote to take away all the hassles.

The device is sturdy and built well with its aluminium body, but it’s also is very large—to the point where it’s a little difficult to hold in your hand. The most attractive feature other than being able to control the devices through a single device is the touchpad, with an attractive display.

Setting up the remote for the devices is extremely simple and most of the buttons and menus automatically show up on the remote. The remote can also be set up to learn from other remotes. Every time the device in use is changed, the display also changes the icons for them accordingly. The remote’s use isn’t limited to just TVs and set top boxes—it can even be used to control the lighting of your room.

Other than the touchpad buttons, there are also hard physical buttons for changing channels and adjusting volume levels. Unfortunately, these are really tiny and awkward in a remote of this size. The remote runs off three AAA batteries.




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