Introducing the Digit Zero1 Awards 2019

Team Digit | Published on 06 Nov 2019
Introducing the Digit Zero1 Awards 2019
  • The Digit Zero1 Awards look at the products that offer the best performance

  • Only products launched after November 15, 2018, and on or before November 14, 2019 will be considered

  • If you are a brand thinking about sending us your product to be nominated for the Zero1 Awards, reach out to

The Digit Zero1 Awards, now more than a decade old, are given out to the best performing products of the year. The idea behind our initiative is to reward brands for putting in years of research and development to come up with the products that value performance over everything else. If you’re out in the market looking for the best performing products to own, here is where you will get the answer.

In order to keep things fair, we accept products that were launched in the 12-month period between Zero1 Awards. For 2019, the best products will be chosen from products launched after November 15, 2018, and on or before November 14, 2019. Why such weird dates? That’s because we publish the awards on our December issue of the magazine every year, and considering we don’t have superpowers (yet!), we need time to test them. As a result, for products launching near the end of our acceptance period, we call for them under embargo.

Oh and by ‘test’, we mean we put all these products through the wringer that is our comprehensive test process. Each and every product category that we cover has a rigorous test process and each and every product is made to pass through this test. Calculating the scores, a winner is declared. The test process for Zero1 Awards is almost the same as our review test process, expect that we don’t consider scores for features, price or design.

This is what makes our Zero1 Awards unique. Nowhere else will you get such laser-focus on the best performing products of the year, simply because most others ‘review’ products instead of testing them. For the Zero1 Awards, opinions of reviews aren’t considered. This is about pure performance and the ability of the product to do the job in the best possible way.

So, when you ask “What’s the best performing gaming laptop in India?”, you need to check our Zero1 Award winner of that category because that’s the only place where it’s only about pure performance and not about the features of the laptop or how it looks or how much it costs.

That’s also another reason why the Zero1 Awards are so important. Because we don’t look at the price, but only pure performance, we get to showcase products you might have missed or didn’t pay much attention to because of budget restrictions. That doesn’t mean this award caters only to the rich kids with deep pockets since most of the products in the list are usually expensive. But that’s not our rationale for doing it, though. The product that wins our Zero1 Award is considered the industry benchmark for the year. And what do brands love to do with benchmarks? Beat them of course! So think of the Zero1 Awards as a predictor of things to come next year. The new devices that will launch in 2020 will have to do better than the benchmark, and not just in terms of performance, but also price!

Categories for the Zero1 Awards


1. Best Premium Smartphones.
2. Best High-end Smartphones
3. Best Mid-range Smartphones.
4. Best Budget Smartphones.
5. Best Android Smartphones.
6. Best Camera Smartphones.
7. Best Budget Camera Smartphones.
8. Best Mid-range Camera Smartphones.
9. Best High-end Camera Smartphones.


1. Best Gaming Laptop
2. Best Mid-range Gaming Laptop
3. Best Mainstream Laptop
4. Best Thin and Light Convertible Laptop
5. Best Thin and Light Laptop


1. Best High End Mirrorless Camera


1. Best Gaming Monitor
2. Best 4K Professional Monitor


1. Best Bluetooth Speaker
2. Best Smart Speaker


1. Best Wired Headphones
2. Best Wireless Headphones
3. Best Wired IEM (In-Ear monitors)
4. Best Wireless IEM (In-Ear monitors)
5. Best Truly Wireless IEM (In-Ear monitors)

PC Components

1. Best Desktop Processor
2. Best NVMe SSD
3. Best HDD
4. Best RAM Module
5. Best Graphics Card
6. Best Router
7. Best Liquid CPU-Cooler
8. Best 4-Bay NAS
9. Best Gaming Desktop
10. Best Mechanical Keyboards
11. Best Gaming Headsets
12. Best Gaming Mice
13. Best Intel Mainstream Z390 Motherboard
14. Best AMD Mainstream X570 Motherboard


1. Best 4K HDR TV


1. Best Air Purifiers

How can you participate?

If you are a brand thinking about sending us your product to be nominated for the Zero1 Awards, reach out to Do note that products launched after November 15 2019 will not be considered for this year’s awards.

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