Digit Zero1 Awards 2012

By Team Digit | Published on 29 Dec 2012
Digit Zero1 Awards 2012
  • After a rather hectic month of testing, the Digit Test Centre is proud to announce the winners of the Zero1 Awards 2012!

Every year, the Digit Test Centre puts several hundreds of products through rigorous tests, and meticulously ranks and rates them in order of merit. While putting these products through their paces, the objective of our reviewers and analysts is simple – to tell India what products they should buy, and of course, how to get the best bang for their buck... that’s what we Indians are obsessed with most, aren’t we? And why shouldn’t we be? We all deserve the best products, especially when picking the right one for your needs can be so difficult, given the rapid pace of innovation in the consumer tech and electronic gadgets space. Whether it’s reviewing the latest ultrabooks in a comparison test or firing up a hotly-anticipated graphics card for an in-depth Bazaar review, the Digit Test Centre proceeds with a single-minded goal of giving our readers the best knowledge about the latest and greatest products to launch in the Indian market. That’s always been our aim while reviewing and writing about any product that’s printed in Digit’s Tried and Tested section pages, and it will continue to remain our focus as long as there are products to review in the market.

With that in mind, let’s outline the significance of this story and the iconic trophy visible to you on the page alongside. For the benefit of everyone who’s reading Digit for the very first time, what you see on the left page is the Zero1 Awards trophy. And you’ll see a lot more of it in the next twenty or so pages, for Zero1 Awards is our annual round-up of the best products of the entire year, felicitated for standing the test of time (and a year in Technology is a really long time these days), to emerge victorious. The products that win Zero1 Awards are special, to say the least.

The Zero1 Award is different from all our other awards that we hand out on a monthly basis in our comparison tests, because it’s a shoot-out of all the Best Performers of the year, and the most recently launched products. So, for example, we pit the Best Performer of all DSLR cameras against any contenders that have been newly launched since our comparison, to arrive at and crown the best DSLR camera that money can buy. We do this for every category of product we test and write about. The product categories for Zero1 Award are carefully picked to ensure we have reviewed enough products in any given category to speak authoritatively about it, subsequently zeroing in on the pick of the bunch. Of course, all the Zero1 Award winners have to be available in the market for readers and gadget enthusiasts to purchase.

We also summarise the highs and lows of a Zero1 Award product category in the introduction of their respective pages, trying to give our readers a sense of what transpired in that product category throughout the year, and predict future trends (if any).

Although Performance really is King in this Award’s category, we also list out some of the recommended buys for different usage scenarios, or budgets, to ensure that with this one issue of Digit, you’re armed with enough knowledge to be able to buy the best product you possibly can for your requirements.

After a rather hectic month of testing, the Digit Test Centre is proud to announce the winners of the Zero1 Awards 2012 in the pages that follow.

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Smartphones Tablets Laptops Ultrabooks Digital Cameras Storage Blu-ray Players Monitors MFDs Routers GPS Navigators Processors Graphics Cards Zero1 Awards Digit Zero1 Awards Digit Zero1 Awards 2012 Zero1 Awards 2012

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