Sony PS4 slim all but confirmed. Should you pick up a PS4 today?

By Sameer Mitha | Updated 23 Aug 2016
Sony PS4 slim all but confirmed. Should you pick up a PS4 today?
  • If leaks circulating the internet are to be believed, then on September 7, Sony will unveil the PS4 slim and PS4 Neo.

The Internet has been abuzz with images and videos that showcase the new PS4 Slim. Eurogamer had a video of the console booting up, but the video has been removed from the Internet for obvious reasons. The images of the Slim console have not been confirmed by Sony, but the images do look legitimate.


Coming to the console itself, it still has the parallelogram design the original PS4 sported, but this time, with a matte finish and physical eject, on/off buttons. It's so strange, the original PS3 was criticised for its touch controls and the Slim iteration of the PS3 resorted to rubberised physical controls. Same goes for the Xbox One and the Xbox One S. Dear console makers, please stick with physical buttons!

Moving on, the console doesn’t have the edgy design the original PS4 brought with it. It also compromises on the optical out port. It is smaller than the original PS4, but not by much.


There is no information available whether this new PS4 will support HDR gaming or movie playback, or support 4K Blu-rays. These new features are quite attractive in the Xbox One S and it would be a shame not to see them on the new PS4 Slim.

Image courtesy: Twitter user shortmaneighty2NeoGAF user Venom Fox


Sony has sent out invites for a PlayStation event scheduled for September 7 in New York. Sadly, we won’t be there at the event, but we will let you know everything that Sony announces. We expect the event will be streamed live over the internet.

Sony is not only expected to officially unveil the PS4 Slim but also shed light on the PS4 Neo, the 4K powered PS4 that Sony confirmed was in development not too long ago. You can check out everything we know about the PS4 Neo here.


At E3 2016, Microsoft announced that Project Scorpio will be their next console and will boast of 6 teraflops. If rumours circulating the internet are to be believed, then the Neo may sport 5.5 teraflops (earlier rumoured to generate 4.14 teraflops). On paper 0.5 teraflops may not seem like much but trust us when we tell you it may just tip the scales in Microsoft’s favour in the long run. Why? Well look at how the PS4 and Xbox One are shaping up today. The PS4 generates 1.84 teraflops and the Xbox One generates around 1.32. Games that run in 1080p 30FPS on the PS4 run at 900p 30FPS on the Xbox One (Deus Ex: Mankind Divided is a great example of this along with 2016’s DOOM). However, if Sony gets the Neo on stands for holiday 2016 sales, it may have the first movers advantage, which, as we have seen with the Xbox 360 and PS3 era, makes a world of a difference (the Xbox 360 had nearly a year’s head start over the PS3. It was also a console that was easier to make games for, but that’s a story for a different day). Sony is also launching their VR headset, the PlayStation VR in October 2016.

More information circulating the internet suggests that the PS4 Slim and Neo could come with a slightly redesigned controller. No, Sony isn’t getting rid of the front light bar, but is adding a small one at the top of the touchpad. Its uses and significance? Well, we will have to wait till September 7 to find out.


So, if you are one looking to pick up a gaming console today, you may want to hold your horses. Not because the PS4 Slim looks like an attractive proposition (hell no! I personally think the original PS4 is still a classy looking device) but because you may get the original PS4 and original Xbox One at killer price points. Although, when it comes to the Xbox One, I’d still recommend you go for the slim variant.

All rumours and speculations about Sony’s upcoming consoles will be put to rest on September 7. Until then, GAME ON!

Header Image Courtesy: Eurogamer

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