Age of Empires 2 vs WarCraft 3

By Siddharth Parwatay | Updated 3 Aug 2015
Age of Empires 2 vs WarCraft 3
  • When two SKOAR! writers disagree over a game,they settle it in the most sane manner possible – A Rap Battle! Mithun "Barbarian_Monkey" Mohandas and Siddharth "staticsid" Parwatay battle it out for their favourite RTS games in this edition.

For over a decade these games have been considered benchmarks for RTS. Everything that came after tried to outdo what these two games have done for a whole generation of gamers. Even to this day the Digit Test Centre echoes with the battle cries of fallen orcs and battle taunts like "All Hail, King of the losers" but not everyone tolerates the other. One such day, two semi-semi-se... pro gamers felt it was high time to settle this decade long debate in a completely different fashion. Vote for the winner at the end.

Age of Empires 2 WarCraft 3
 Mithun "Barbarian_Monkey" Mohandas  Siddharth "staticsid" Parwatay
Ladies & gents, for RTS games we're gonna rhyme,
I'mma having to go first ‘cause my opponent be lacking spine.
What our AOE kiddie here calls rhymes,
Sure, if you account for his brain's dyslexic confines.


Warcraft3 is nothing, nada, far from being equal,
AOE2 was so popular that it even got a sequel.
I say to him, in all due honesty,
“Dude AOE’s at best a blip in gaming history”.


Warcraft3 lacks depth, ain't worth a homeless bum's scrota,
The only good that ever came out of it was  Dota.
Mass manufacturing units is how n00bs like you play,
Learn better micro, peon before you enter this fray.


With 23 civs, 26 units and 73 techs to research,
You wanna talk steep learning curve, b1atch?
Ok that was a cheap shot and vice versa,
but the only thing worthwhile in AOE was bigbertha.


In WC3, there is only one way to win, what a bore,
AOE2’s got Regicide, KOTH, Wonders and more.
Mile long tech trees do little to impress me,
understanding your hero is the road to victory.


With 10’s of millions copies sold, that’s a legacy,
What’d you know of that other than jealousy?
Agreed, WC3 has fewer types of units,
but each has its skill, and you need to tune it.


AOE2 gets updates to this day and it’s on Steam,
And now it’s in HD are you sure you’re on the right team?
Research is good, but what of levelling up for growth?
Choose to be thick, but know that Warcraft has both!


This is a game that’s fun whether you be online or solo,
Ain’t for the generation that busts their b**ls with yolo.
It’s this that makes each unit more precious,
Every dead grunt makes your enemy more vicious.


This series of games total up to eleven,
from where I stand, dawg you be far from half way to even.
Don’t talk about spinoffs, b3**h we got WoW,
Warcraft’s the shiz maan, then, and even now.


C’mon, accept it that it be pity on your side,
Join the AOE clan, you’re in for a ride.
Argue as you may ‘til your teeth whittle to bone,
But in the end, you bow down to the frozen throne.




Siddharth Parwatay
Siddharth a.k.a. staticsid is a bigger geek than he'd like to admit. Sometimes even to himself.

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